woensdag 26 april 2017


Hai folks, It's a cold spring so far, but that doesn't bother me at all. As long as the sun comes up......and if there's any music that will cure your spring fatigue...
The new stuff has been listened to and played on various radio and to round it off it has been reviewed. I hope more will follow, but there so much going on in musicland, so I have to be happy by whatever that's been giving me. Feedback.
Well here are some really nice words again (his eight review of my albums) from Nathan Norgel, placed in this german, cultural online magazine Wasser-Prawda 

In german:
Wenn der Frühling kommt, dann erscheinen nicht nur die Schwalben aus dem Süden. Auch neue Musik des Niederländers Joost van Dinther aka Joos TVD darf man erwarten. Sein neues Album Sagitario erfüllt die Erwartungen aufs Schönste.
Auf den Listen der Orte, die besungen werden, taucht einer eigentlich zu selten auf. In "Private Scene" singt JoosTVD das Lob der Toilette. Denn das ist einer der wenigen Plätze, wo man noch wirklich allein sein kann. Auch Psychopharmaka, hektische Freundinnen, das Leben der Reichen in Hollowood oder andere Themen der Gegenwart liefern dem Niederländer Stoff für äußerst humorvolle oder sarkastische Lieder.
Musikalisch bietet Sagitario wieder die komplette Bandbreite zwischen Jazz, Funk, Rock, Cabaret und Nonsense. Wer JoosTVD bislang noch nicht kennen sollte: man kann ihn wirklich nicht klassifizieren. Was der Songwriter und Multiinstrumentalist Jahr für Jahr allein in seinem Studio zusammenrührt, ist eine Kur gegen jegliche schlechte Laune oder Frühjahrsmüdigkeit.

In english (not great these translations):
When spring comes, not only the swallows appear from the south. Also new music from the Dutch Joost van Dinther aka Joos TVD can be expected. His new album Sagitario fulfills the expectations most beautifully. On the lists of the places, which are sung, one appears actually too rarely. In 'Private Scene' JoosTVD sings the praise of the toilet. Because this is one of the few places where you can be really alone. Even psychopharmaceuticals, hectic friends, the lives of the rich in Hollowood, or other contemporary subjects provide the Dutch fabric for extremely humorous or sarcastic songs.
Musically, Sagitario again offers the complete range of jazz, funk, rock, cabaret and nonsense. If you do not know JoosTVD yet you can not really classify it. The fact that the songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, alone in his studio year after year, is a cure against any bad mood or spring fatigue.

maandag 24 april 2017

Ready for the download

Yes It's ready! For a few words I've got a few downloadcodes left for ya....from Bandcamp.

zaterdag 22 april 2017

Released "Sagitario" and where?

Here we go then. Choose...links will be updated!
Some online services even offer 16-or 24-bit flac.


Other platforms:
Bluesgambler blog
The Rthm 

maandag 17 april 2017

Attention P.!

This post will be updated, constantly.

So I've this record out, thinking, how about some promotion? That's not me, I am just a bloody musician with an "eclectic' taste. So it's not gonna be easy, even though the possibilities are wider and deeper these days. A lot of those hipsters fold (radio stations, blogspots) or change their policies (soundcloud). Luckily a simple google search can help filter the old from the new. (Online) radio is still important. It's a flat digital earth now. You can always pay for a play, but that doesn't count in my opinion. And don't forget the writers. Reviews help spread the news even more!
I've had a few and more songs on Croydon radio in rotation, but they stopped playing "under the radar" artists. And there are so many......talents. Where to go now...?

So I've sent my music to other online radios and online magazins, because there are more!
The list will be endless, I hope.

Timeline (source: mostly twitter and google):

"Happy Pills" on the local radio (Groningen) 07-04-2017 (listen/ download)

Lonel Oak Radio
The whole album has been played 2 times on the "Full Album show" at 7 p.m western time 17-04-2017. They've showed their appreciation with 4 stars for each song (tweets) and they will played in rotation for 250m days. Thanks! (Los Angeles, USA)

No Depression
Created a nice page for the album over there. It's waiting for a review. Be a journalist and go there.
Don't get depressed.

Scrub Radio
A few (old and new) songs on the air, in rotatio.

Radio 98eins
"Private Scene" on the german  radio. DJ and journalist Nathan Nörgel will review the album later on.

And there's that review

The Shift Radio Show
"Private Scene" on the air. (Burnley, Manchester UK)

Random Radio Podcast Show
30 april: "Happy Pills" on  the air

"Happy Pills and "Private Scene" on the air (Chicago, USA)

woensdag 12 april 2017

I just came home from the dentist....(promo 2)

To celebrate the new release "Sagitario"
(13 april 2017!)
I've got another promo for ya
with lyrics:


                   Private Scene (music & lyrics JoostVD)

I just came home from the dentist
He drilled so many holes in my teeth
I couldn't talk to anyone I couldn't stand the heat
So I went to the only room for some well deserved privacy

I go to the toilet that's my only scene
I go to the toilet you can keep me under lock and key
So if you have a problem don't come to me
Just go to the toilet for your selfreflecting needs

Despite bad weather important matters and public inquiries
In the end we all have to wipe our asses and clean up our filfthy deeds

Oehoe I've got a premonition
Coming up

So if you want a riot go to the toilet
You can be a pilot with a private seat

Tou can talk to anyone but there's no guarantee
The toilet is the only healer for your maladies

Oehoe I've got a premonition
Coming up

O my god....I forgot something
....mmm toilet paper

dinsdag 28 maart 2017

Link up!

Busy working out details on Bandcamp and here's a soundcloud link with a download option of

Happy Pills. Keep a close watch on the release of a another video and the whole album. CU!

zaterdag 25 maart 2017

Happy Pills....Promo

Not that happy? Play this "Happy Pill" and you're happy happy.

A new song for anyone who likes to share a new song with anyone.
From the new 2017 album "Sagitario"
12 arrows included, ready for a kill!

 Happy Pills

So you've finally found a corner
Where the funky moon is shining bright
The happy pill is inside
Sometimes you need the wrong thing to feel allright

Suddenly you feel a hand upon your shoulder
A voice said: "I need a fix my friend"
Here's a happy pill again

Sometimes it's allright to do the wrong thing
Put the nasty bits under the rug and sing

We're all so very happy with a happy pill

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning
The mirror shows a beggar not a king
What happy pills can bring

Sometimes it takes all night to slipp them in
Put the nasty bits under the rug and sing

We're all so very happy with a happy pill

(Lyrics and music JoostVD)

donderdag 16 maart 2017

Show us your new work!

It has just been confirmed that the album is in the distribution process. It takes approximately 4 weeks to appear online, but keep a close watch, some online services are very quick. now i'm gonna take a breeeeeaaak.
Proof! Distribution date confirmed
No pressure. Fingers crossed, legs spread. In the meantime I'll keep you updated if there's any change and as I'm working on some visuals, that tasty promo is on its way too. So now you know.
Now let's see where you have to look at this year and the rest of your life.

The artwork.

The original "selfie" pictures have been chosen from some amateurish mobile phone footage, filmed in the bathroom by yours truly. No. 3 became my ultimate frontcover as I liked the welcome sign in my sort of "I invite you all" atitude and the mirrored spotlight above the "starstrucked" me.



Here's the original for the back cover with mirror reflection:


On the net you can find all kind of photo design editors.
I especially liked the paint department from Lunapic. All kind of echoes of Van Gogh and Kadinsky art that fitted well. Here are a few choices, eyes open or eyes closed:

Close my eyes...
(Starry starry night......) Sagitario!

The title. 

I know it's a bit pretentious...to say Sagittarius, so it became


It's spanish- which sounds so cool- for  (english), boogschutter (dutch). It happens to be my sign. I guess you'll hear a few characteristics of those on the new album. Playful sounding and with the extra bonus of the word siguitario in it. I'll explain in a later blog all bout it.

The final result (or insult).

Well, we've got that title, the art, so here's the design. I was switching between black or white for the background, both choices eventually made it.

Final frontcover result

for disribution purposes only (only one name prohibited)

We've got the frontcover, for the backcover I've chosen the same design but as a whole in contrast.

A few choices

Kadinskish smile

A white background with all the information you need. Now, what does it sound like? Soon...
Final backcover result with songtitles and credits

Next: promo video/song

dinsdag 14 maart 2017

When it goes viral

Quick update: I'm ready for another distribution of my new album. ExciteD! Let you know when and you'll let me know when it goes viral...
Here's an old fave to get in the mood: What Bomb? Story of a failed terrorist.
Featured on Tom Robinson's Saturday Show, his BBC6 mixtape and featured as a Fresh fave goo.gl/EC45PS

Bomb Won't Go Off 

zondag 12 februari 2017

Something's cooking!

Hey folks of the good earth! While the snow has covered most of the lowlands here, I've got a few snowballs to throw at ya.
The songs are continiously reviewed by yours truly. Listening sessions on every device I can get my hands on. From crappy monitors of my daughter's pc, the car stereo while trying to drive slowly (failing) or listening to my own comfortable studio sound, it's quite a difficult task to tweak the most- and best sound- out of the ordinary. Warning! I have to keep my ears fresh to notice all the tiny details as I have watched a few audio professionals at work in their own playrooms. Learned so much from these guys, great to have their support. I'm a musician first, just willing to go all the way...by himself..

The Vanished Dutchman 2017
As I've said before, there will be 12 songs. I'm really excited now as I've seen them grow and evolve everyday. All the changes in arrangements that have been coming up....! Typical JoosTVD: groovy popsongs all spiced up with a latinesque, jazzy, rhythm & bluesy sauce.

I guess I'm more at peace and pleased with myself  as before (I know better what to do and what not to now!) as I'm much more confident in my playing and singing and that is saying much.
And then... there are the leftovers. Well they will certainly have a place on the next albums.

Next to the technical side, there's always something needed to stir the curious eyes, like a promo video, artwork. Well those are in the pipeline too. I've been working my ass off.
I also know the title of the album (it's spanish for...) which I will tell in the near future when I'll show you the finished front and backcover cover. These and the promo have their origins in a homevideo shot with my mobile phone. This is the low-budget way as usual.

I'm aiming for a release for april 2017. Soon, soon.

Next: show us the covers and what is it called?

zondag 15 januari 2017

Can't decide

... O yes we can!

Well, it's that time of the year. It's getting colder and colder and I'm getting older and bolder, haha.
I've got 12 songs getting in great shape. I'm having fun. Detailed mixing is now in process. Progressing bit by bit. Great! It's not my most favourite part of the whole cycle of writing, recording songs, but hey:
Let's see....

I've started it, so I've got to finish it.                             

What's the problem then, lowland dude?

It's just that new songs keep crawling out of my brains and fingers and that's ok, but I also want the best songs on this album. It's not a question of more or less songs. Those 12 have to fit together as a whole and now I feel that something is not really gelling. Some variety in style and themes are needed towards the end of the album maybe, which songs are more serious lyrically and harder/ darker in tone. Maybe that's more like it...well let's see. Is it the sequence then?
There's already a lot of energy and dynamics throughout, so now I've got this new tune, very smooth and relaxed, but still funkish jazz without the cheese. Just before my uptight eyes it's soothing me like a mushroom. Maybe that's the one.

Aha, there it is...
Of course, as an experienced listener, I know and you know, that the first songs often can make or break an album. How many times have you stopped listening after 3 or 4 songs already? Well I have. Skipping. Otherwise it also has happened that I could not stop listening to the same album over and over, peeling off layers of sound and ideas.
So the flow of the songs is very important to make a lasting impression to the listener. That's why I still like the challenge of the album concept as one continuous stimulans of surprises.

What do you think?

I'll keep you (you keep me) updated.

JoosTVD Tube