woensdag 23 november 2011

Wow, that Protool thing sure tickles me!

Yeaah, i love working on new songs, bits of them developing ito a bigger whole.
Energy: I hit the piano, strum a guitar, try to sing some nonsense, maybe something will stick!
And it does. The means to make it work are unmistakable: my new hardware (a self-assembled i7 Hexacore PC) and that powerful Protools interface.
I am a kid in a sound-drugstore!

maandag 24 oktober 2011

Roman emperor's new link

Just flew back from old Rome, sort of a late holiday. Great to walk through, lots of impressions of the old and the new. In the meantime, I forgot to write about  it- I brought pen and paper with me- but what the heck. Listened a lot to the new songs I've been working on, fellt like an emperor.....

Watch those guys...meanwhile listen to a few of my albums, still available, on the right- jukeboxes, grabbelton..yes the expanded version of Orson N.

maandag 19 september 2011

What my ears like to hear most days

Beauty In Full Colour

Ok, if you haven't already, get a free spotify account, search your favourites and listen while cookin' for instance! Maybe you can invite me someday, uh, I mean, on spotify and exchange
The Green Sign

donderdag 15 september 2011

Face me, U, me like!

Well, I don't visit my facebookbandpage (Face JoosTVD) that often, and it shows. I only spread some silly stuff around, by clicking on the icons. Yes, I like clicking, you know, ahum. But, as you've got the nerves to visit this page, you can do something with those itchy fingers. Click on these icons too!
On the right somewhere.... Oooo, yes I'm desperate!
Desperate Facebookaddict
BTW, there's free music up here for you to like too. So support that poor, lonely page (I'm sobbing like a gelly fruitcake now). No, I ain't gonna show a picture of that scene , couldn't face that one...

woensdag 7 september 2011

Grab! it's a free soundlibrary...elsewhere...

I like open source. Wiki Leaks has proved in general that manipulation and misinformation of the masses is still going strong. People are not that stupid!
I don't need to know every tweety thing, but if I want to hear something of a favourite artist, I want to feel free to step into any (virtual?) soundlibrary, have it available and if I like it, I'll pay a reasonable price for it. Still, there are so many uncovered treasures to find out, but kept away, because they don't sell. Who decides that? Well, the answer is predictable. Anyway, I 've paid a lot for many mediocre stuff in the past and I won't have to do that anymore. And if I have to pay for it, I want it to be available.
That's why I keep my options open. you can find me on any online musicstores anyway...!
Thanks for the feedback on my last album btw (read those reviews), whoever you are!

zondag 4 september 2011

Popular? Yeah on Jamendo

The only dutch guy up there on the first page....it's not that important, but......
there must someone who's listening to this goofy stuff, HA!
Well, I'm already busy, goofing again, working with protools on some new sounds. Can't sit still.
So, meanwhile look over there at Jamendo, a lot of different new talents are trying to survive in the same pool. One day we'll all be famous, ha ha!
Nietes? Welles

donderdag 25 augustus 2011

Reviews from the net

From Jamedo, music platform:

Carybe, Portugal :
You know what?... funk yourself.
Let me tell you... music, is a very serious thing... right?... but, there's nothing in the book that says it can't be fun... or even funny. In fact, I believe that it even benefits a whole lot, when musicians are having fun while doing it. And to those who may be inclined to think that "playing with music" is just a subterfuge, think better... remember, before you can even think about making whatever stunts, the simplest they may appear to be, you have necessarily to learn a lot of other basic stuff... and there are no shortcuts. Sure this album, transpires a lot of fun... but it breathes quality and know how all over. It's... an extended, but overall gratifying... funky based production, leaded by an excellent performer, with a voice full of personality and a full bodied singing, replete of irony and good spirit. The music is quite addictive and sounds generally super well... and if at this point and by any chance, you still have at least, the slightest temptation, of thinking that this funky stuff ain't serious music, then... most probably... you are in a desperate need situation, of being funked... and funked real good.
Communication is, in fact, a complicated thing... words, sometimes, develop such strong roots in some rough ground, that pull out some other possible meanings and applications or even associations, can be a very hard task... so it happens within the world of music, necessarily as a communication vehicle. I'm convinced that, quite often, the most effective way to mark and transmit a serious point of view, is to joke with and about it, for instance.
However, this basically sums it up. :wink:
Thanks for the music... and stay well. :thumbup:

piano de la tour;
SuperFantastic...this album...and all productins. HI from italy.

Oh Baby... You Tickled MY Body & Funny Bone.... & Made Me Feel < Hot, Sexy & Sensitive... & Great All Over.. Inside & Out..Wickedly Wild & Soul Filled, Jazzy, Pop,Fusion Music.
Haha and a massive big smile...kick of your shoes and chill to the max...by listening to... this, so much fun,filled, charisma.carnival stylish,greatly humbling fantastic, kick ass. groovy, soul filled, poppy,jazzy,funky album. with superb vocals..and great lyrics. to make your feet itch and to want to get up and dance this album away..

with exceptional musicians and performances one after the other and songs..that will instantly make you want to listen to them over and over again...Direct favourite in ipod this one..

 After listening to the album I add for my playlist the track "Leak" ... great music, good for background listening when i'm working ... impossible to get stressed! I'm from Brazil and this song reminds me bossanova. Great Album, congratulations!

Absolutely Satyrical!
It has been a long time since anyone has taken potshots at the events of the world, and all the little things that happen within a persons day. JoosTVD has picked up, somewhat, where Frank Zappa left off. Perhaps not with the music end, but lyrical content is a definate hoot! My favorites are Alice Tea and Tweet. I like the change from past efforts!

I am always sorry for the artists that you can't buy their albums in a store. You can find a lot of albums here which are much better tham some of the albums you can buy.
This album is one of them.
I am really sorry that there is a lack of good taste in this society today.
But keep on making good music. I love it and I am glad that i found jamendo.com
I always find albums or songs that entertain me more than Lady Gaga or the whole mainstream music.

Fine album, fine songs, fine arraments, fine players... Also fine lyrics.
So what's wrong? Nothing, except that the Vanished Dutchman is just here (ok this is a fine place!), and Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga and RWilliams are everywhere.
Thanks again.


I love this funky album. Great music and great lyrics, and amazing sound quality. It's like medicine for the soul! Makes me feel good.

I like it, it's different and very professionel played and also funny! Maybe little bit of Frank Zappa!

Very fresh and sympatic music..!!! Congratulations to the artist..!!!

ein humor volles und kreatives album.die instrumente setzen sich in ein chaotischen klanggefüge die allesamt passen.der track My Sweet Spanish Drama.. gefällt mir sehr.ein gut produktives album.

... e questo sia concesso almeno in campo musicale, se in campo sociale sembra impossibile.
Qui di fantasia ce n'è tanta, insieme ad un humor che trasuda dalle note.
In tempi ormai lontani ho studiato Francese. L'Inglese non lo mastico per nulla:ed è un peccato, perché immagino che per ironia e fantasia i testi debbano tenere lo stesso passo della musica.
(and this is granted at least in music, if it seems impossible in the social field. Here there's plenty of fantasy, along with a humor that exudes from your notes.
In days gone by I studied French. The English do not chew on anything and it's a shame, because I imagine that for irony and fantasy texts should keep the same pace of the music)

Very creative work. Components of rhythmic funk and jazz, mix in a very interesting way. The vocal with a humorous twist, coupled with unusual sounds, enjoy the beholder. The movements are nice and well built. Very good.

Manchmal muss es einfach mal wieder sein, dann braucht auch der bluesgestählte Pfaffe ein wenig Spaß in der Musik. Aber das nicht so, dass es einfach albern wird. Sondern dann suche ich Platten, die mir ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern und mich einfach intelligent unterhalten.

"Orson Nietes" macht es einem in der Beziehung leicht. Locker funkig perlen die Songs dahin. Die Gitarre treibt das ganze mit teils abenteuerlichen Solos voran. Und manchmal fühle ich mich direkt an die großen Zeiten von Steely Dan erinnert. Nur die haben es sonst so drauf gehabt, Jazz-Intelligenz mit Pop-Appeal zu versöhnen. Nur dann geht mit dem Künstler dann doch immer mal wieder der Schalk durch und löst das ganze in befreiendes Gelächter auf. - Das ist wahrscheinlich der Punkt, der nicht nur mich an den seligen Zappa erinnert, diese Kombination aus trockenem Humor und musikalischer Rafinesse.

"Orson Nietes" ist so von vorn bis hinten durch alle 24 Titel (und über 70 Minuten) eine große Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau. Und wie gesagt: tanzbar von vorn bis hinten ohne Risiken und Nebenwirkungen. Meine Empfehlung lautet daher: Runteladen und weiterempfehlen!

....is hier das Motto. Ein Streifzug durch alle möglichen Stilrichtungen mit einem Augenzwinkern und der dazugerörigen Portion Spaß, Humor und Frechheit dargeboten mit hoher musikalischer Kompetenz.
Natürlich sind zappa-eske Einflüsse hörbar ohne den Eindruck einer Kopie zu vermitteln, und das ist gut so.

Myślę, że godny uwagi choćby przez to, że ... dobrze nastraja i czasem bawi słuchacza ];)
(Ik denk dat zelfs vermeld, omdat zij ... good tunes, en soms speelt met de luisteraar];), that noticed, good tunes, they play with the listener)

merci pour le partage : très fort et très agréable , cette pop faussement légère : comme du Kevin Ayers funky ? ou du little feat jazzy ? Non du Bigshoes?
extra !
(thank you for sharing: very strong and pleasant, this deceptively slight pop: like Kevin Ayers funky? or jazzy little feat? Not the Bigshoes?)

Very cool album indeed.
Orson Nietes is an album filled with perkiness and funky peppiness. JoosTVD clearly shows innovative approaches to music and the anarchic madness of this album actually portrays a great cohesive piece of work. It is a wonderfully inventive "popourri" of tongue-in-cheek medleys and a delight to the ears.

Art Owens
Fun album to listen To.

Hey you are the new Frank Zappa! Very very nice album! I'll listen to it better because it worths it especially about the lyrics!

Good evening,
Thanks for the link. I listened to the album the whole way through and I must admit it is very good! Funky, fresh, and a joy to listen to. I will write a review for my blog www.thethoughtsbubble.com
and be sure to post one on the album site as well.
All the best,


lele rambelli
Bella musica suonata e cantata da un artista eclettico e versatile, che sa spaziare con padronanza e disinvoltura fra diversi generi, ma sempre all' insegna del groove!
E' una musica ricca di piacevoli sorprese, per di più valorizzata da una bellissima voce...
Da ascoltare, perchè merita!
(Beautiful music played and sung by an eclectic and versatile artist, who can roam with mastery and confidence between different genres, but always to 'teach the groove!
It 'a music full of pleasant surprises, more enhanced by a beautiful voice ...
To listen to, because it deserves!)

Tibiditibiditibidi tum:)


I just love this album. Great energy and humor, a solid effort.
Nice work,

OH OH OH !!! C'est tout bonnement excellent. Mille merci pour tout BIGSHOES. C'est graver et ça passe en boucle dans ma sono. A bientôt.
OH OH OH! Dit is gewoon uitstekend. Duizend dank u voor alle BIGSHOES. Het is het branden en het gaat in een lus in mijn geluidsinstallatie. Tot ziens.

I honestly believe that this is probably one of the best albums released in 2011, not just on Jamendo, but anywhere. The songs take on several different moods and styles, and takes you on a musical joyride. I would recommend it to anybody.

From Vivat, blog:

Great album ,fusion of many styles,rock,groove,latin,jazz.Nice vocals.
FREE DOWNLOAD with only your e-mail address or give what you want for the artist,for his work and his music.Thanks to him.

maandag 22 augustus 2011

Orson Nietes: The songguide

For those who want to to know everything, nothing spicy, shocking or special Murdochish up here........but take a deeper look into my humble kitchen sink an take a trip into the deep. The process of creating something from nothing is only possible when I let myself go. Doing it immediately from the void! So much fun I had! And sorry soundengineers, I ain't one, the sound had to be a big blasting powerhouse. I guess you would do a more professional thing here. Thanks to all of you that have listened this last year, your feedback has made my self-confidence (Orson Nietes) grow a little bit more. Already teased the hungry listener with the first 11 tracks on bandcamp. And now finally,  I bring you these 24 stories, doing it like it's a full blown double vinyl album, my 15th album: (hey pssss...GRAB me....it´s over there, somewhere on the right...it's the "lite"version for now)                                                                                                                     
                                                        01.Back In The Race
Sort of  a comeback song isn't it? No, it isn't. Well, that pushy drive (banging out on the piano) got me to these competetive words. A little edgy (rock energy). I wanted a full, organic bandfeel. For me this had to be the opener.  

02.Bigger Things
Had a lot of ideas floating around, some didn't immediately fit. Two of them I melted into a bigger one. Just sing along and feel happy, think BIG.             


                                                                                                                             03.Alice Tea 
Goofy humor? A trippy LST or LSD song with a lot of Chaplin Slapstick to set that goofy mood.  Sugar your tea honey. Aktion- reaction effects from the soundlibrary and yours truly.    

 Yes, it's about leaking in general and it's about those wiki revelations, that won't go away. Gimme some truth. I'm especially fond of the combination of melody and chords,  so I kept it very direct and simple.                                          

                                                          05.Suits In A Building
 Elevator blues! Stuck in slowfunk. It started with a piano pattern. I doubled      different bass parts to make it more pulsing funky. 


I'll show you! Rock'n troll pastiche. Quick, Short ditty on the piano. Had a lot a fun with myself, but only 1.19 minutes, ha.                                                             


I had to write this.....
poor birdy...retweet  


I really got it going. Wrote all these crazy songs very quickly! (Alice Tea, Tweet, Showking). It's good to puke sometimes. Karmacleaning. Man, I had too much energy, I had to....                                                                           

                                                                              09.Bill Withus

To keep things fresh, I often switch between guitar and  piano when I write. It started with this breaky melodic intro. All instinct, funky, groovy fingers hammering on the keys, basically around G7. "Hey Bill, are you with us?" The music busines vs Bill Withers. Very talented man, not taken seriously by these A&R guys. Well, watch the documentary... Hope you like it Bill (although he'll probably never hear it).  

10.Climb Another Hill
You can relax now. Variation in mood, tempo and theme right here. Basically a lovesong for the desperate ones, written and played on the piano, yours truly.       

        11.My Sweet Spanish Drama 
I love spanish flicks and although I've never been there before, I feel something matadoresque bullying in my blood, si, si. I was in a flamenco mood.    

Don't Stop now! (In the old days my turntable would repeat itself, scratching the vinyl at the end, so I had to flip it over to the other side, try to do that with your device!)

                                                                                                                                        12.Citizen Able

"Started at the top, worked my way down", he said. This song tries to do the opposite. With a smooth latin beat I worked myself up.                                                                                                                        

A sober approach, intimate atmosphere contrasts with the first half of the album. I always try to vary with tempo, style, just to keep myself on my toes. A personal favourite. So revealing.                     


                                                                            14.Jazz Off
"I do not play jazz", Miles said, just to get those jazzpurists reaching for their guns.. It's all music in the end man, and we all hear it in our own way . I love it when musicians reach out, explore something they haven't done before. There is nothing new up here, but I'm always fascinated by hypnotic, repeated patterns or rhythms. I tried to sing unusual, different melodies on top of that (listen: Talking Heads- Remain In Light [1980].                                                                                                                                       

JoosTVD does a poppy one. Well, everything I do has got to have some sort of a melody. This I did on piano, quickly writing itself.    

Siesta! My sweet spanish drama under Mexican hideaways.                                                                           
                                                                                17.Sugar Tune

Something that's hard for me to do sometimes (sorry mom and the rest), so I write about it: a lighten up-live a little-song. Soft melodic one, written on the piano. Lost my teeth in there..                                                            

18.Mermaids In Bloom

The girl is growing up, finding her own feet.
You know who you are...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  19.Entre Nous                                                                                                       
Instrumental, consisting of two seperate pieces I had other plans with orignally. Found them interesting enough to melt together. But keep it "between us".                                                                                                      

20.Has To Be
I'm a big fan of blue-eyed soul, (I think black music is rhythmically more subtle) but offcours I'm just a plain, stiff euro-celtic. It has to be this way....                                                                                                                                                                                               21.Overdrive        
At first I had this slow pianoballad version, but decided to change the tempo. The result: I combined those two. I love to play these chords on piano.                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                           22.Flag Of The World              

Think about that, mmm.......a dream......utopian music?                                                                                                                                           

Mucho-Macho-Macheato. it was a combination of words, chords and the "Riders On The Storm" inspired Bass-pattern that made this fun to write.

24.Dad Waltz (The Song He Gave Me)
Basically me, touching strings. Heard it on his funural....

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Officially released, today it's "Orson Nietes" day

Just try it, more info, video and  audio the following days....
so stop by anytime.

allrighty then the first track to rock your socks right off
And try out the "lite"version on the right (scroll, lol)

maandag 25 juli 2011

Yes, finished distribution on Record Union!

Record Union: Orson Nietes

Expected release on various onlinestores (Spotify. iTunes) around 10 august 2011...
Let's hear some already:

in the meantime scroll over to the right and grab them others!

zondag 24 juli 2011

Q & A: JoosTVD vs Orson Nietes

There he is. The guy who has VANISHED, claims to be JoosTVD and IS problably dutch. So why doesn't he come closer? HE CAME BACK and he agreed on this conversation himself. Ok, relax. Be careful what I say now.
But what the...he's trying to vanish through that door....heey...
"heey......wait........HEEY José!"

Q: "Are you THE Vanished Dutchman?"
A: "Mmm, it depends on what to think of me: an artist or a musician? I prefer to be the prolific latter. My main thing is songwriting, trying to develop that with my own hands, heart, mind and soul. There are so many artists who prefer a quick career in the spotlight. So yes, I'd rather be the creative vanished one. Guess I'm a slow burner with a long, strong breath, mostly keeping myself anonymous happy. Too many have vanished from this flath earth already..."

Q: "Well, who is Orson Nietes then?"
A: "We all know Orson Welles, do we?  Nietes (pronounce as NIETUS, it's dutch slang for NOT) is the opposite of Welles (pronounce as WELLUS, it's dutch slang for YES or ABSOLUTELY).
Sometimes we all want the Orson brilliance: to be the talented genius, to have the fame and to find his road to Xanadu, Citizen Kane...What we don't want is the anti-climax that followed and swallowed up his career. The only way to top the top is just the road back down. Is it Welles? Or Nietes? Confusing eej? Talking about the self-obsessed ego, the narcissus in us all and the social media that makes us feel so bloody important. Tweeeeheeet me! I am...
Guess I was and still am fascinated by his lifestory (I like to read detailed biographies) and with a little bit of puzzling and joking I came up with this title ORSON NIETES, which symbolises the overall sense of the new songs. It just sounds funny: Orson Nietussss, Orson Wellussss!
Just to play with the combination of words, the double meanings they can evoke, 24/7, that's my verbal combat".

Q:"Why, o why are there so many songs on this album?"
A: "I just can't help myself. That's not what I had in mind at first. So why not? It's the comfort zone of my musical environment. In the seventies they would call this a double vinyl-they smell better than cdboxes- album. Too expensive, too much indulgement, too long to listen to. Sure, but that's up to the listener. Nowadays, we've got enough space on digi-galaxy, talking terrabytes. You can skip wathever bit/byte you like. I still believe in the whole concept of a finished album, just like a book.
A lot of these tunes took form whenever I was in a joyful, free mood. Sometimes I had so much confidence and bursts of positive energy and maybe paradoxially-especially after my father died (sept.2010)- I had to let it go, let it out! And I'm glad I did. Thanks to the strength of daddy, I guess.
So much inspiration I didn't expect occured, that it became an addiction you just wanted to dwell on to.
And sometimes I fell into a big black hole of human doubt. The crazy thing is, that these songs are mostly very UP. I mean, they- hopefully- will not depress you".

Q: "What do you do exactly on this album?"
A: "As I said before, I am not the greatest player around. The high standard of today playing provides for great organic sounding soundloops, samples and effects though. I used to play it all basically, tried MIDI, but what I CAN play is not the standard that I hear in my head. Especially the drums. Apart from orchestral stuff and woodwinds (although I have to adjust, fit them in the songs), I play the rest mostly myself, like keyboards (electric & acoustic piano), organ, guitars, bass & percussion. For the singing, well, I do the best I can, I am sort of a struggling belter, not even fit for all the styles I do, but slowly, slowly, I'm getting somewhere. Recording I do with an instinct feel. At the moment I'm in the middle of working out the last finesses".

Q: "So where are the songs, are they already vanished?"
A: "Ha ha, totally! No, shall I play them for ya to prove it?
Well, the first thing that I'll do is, I'm gonna use the digital platforms that can spread these songs all over www, so you can buy (ha ha, ahum, I'm not interested in the commercial side of it, just the distribution-spreading the word-side of it). I will also release it as a stream and download on this blog, soundcloud and.. for FREE. And when you play them for the first time, a songguide on this blog may take you through the looking glass to Alice's magical Wonderland!
Poeh, strong stuff......
A=Q: Now I have a question: are there any more questions?"

Q=A: "No, that's enough for now you chatterbox you, pffff, I gotta pee".
A: "Allrighty then mate, me too!

dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Artwork....guess the title

Front & Back


There you are, you. So where are the songs? Gimme songs, great extraordinary tunes, YOU!
'cxuse me, but look at the guy.... is he finished (pale) or whahat?
It's just these ears man, I've got to find the right earwax to mix then I will release them songs, ME!
If the world wants them (O yeeeeaaaah!!) .
So be patient with this patient and pay a friendly visit, please like me please.....

donderdag 7 juli 2011

Songlist album 15

Ok. Update again. Still, I can change my mind all of a sudden and throw things away...oeps.
One song left to write proper words to (song 20 "Has To Be"..to B or not to me).
When I'm really satisfied I will tell you how I did it, all 24 ones, with pictures, and fitting coverart. In the meantine study the list:

01.Back In The Race
02.Bigger Things
03.Alice Tea
05.Suits In A Building
09.Bill Withus
10.Climb Another Hill
11.My Sweet Spanish Drama
12.Citizen Able
14.Jazz Off
17.Sugar Tune
18.Mermaids In Bloom
19.Entre Nous
20.Has To Be
22.Flag Of The World
24.Dad Waltz (The Song He Gave Me)

zaterdag 2 juli 2011


It's a year ago since I finished my last musings. Just two songs from releasing a new one. Then I'll toll the bell!. I've got a few words I'm messing with (still clouds in my mind!) to finish this long journey.

Most of the A&R guys will say that I'm crazy to put 24(!) songs on an album.
Well it's not about the numbers boys, it's about the whole concept. These songs have a bond with eachother. I'm very excited about them! These are my babies! Only two of them won't get out...gotta get back to work now.....try to figure out the Pro Tools stuff....hands on the knobs. Aaaarrrggodddd, where are the tapes!!!
Hang on and in and out there.

Wow for Pros!

zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Orson Nietes vs Andrew G.

Confession: I have to admit I'm a bit of a Mr.Welles fan (still reading two very detailed volumes of his story by Simon Callow, I'm at the point that he's reaching for his xanadu, Citizen Kane). The moustache shows that even a goofball like me can have a Welles or a Nietes day. We all have dreams and goals.

Andrew Gold had a dream I guess. He was a master in playing many instruments and wrote very versatile, melodic songs. I've got a weakness for songwriters in general. He wrote so many beautiful songs that his memory will forever linger on, even though he's not here anymore....Lonely Boy, That's Why I Love You, Passing Thing, Never Let Her Slip Away, Thank You For Being A Friend, Genevieve, are on the jukebox. Californication complete...I'm in Xanadu now.

zondag 29 mei 2011

Reviews from Jamendo ( album distribution)

Gift Shot [2005]

Review from: no nick
professional production, great!

thanks a lot for sharing. great sounds. thanks for this trip.

Review from: musictomyears
Guys... I Simply Love & Adore Your Music. Style. Class & High Caliber.. Listening Fun, Laid Back. Chilled, To Perfection Mood Setting Music, Vocals & Lyrics..

Well guys this is the very first album you upload to Jamendo back in 2005, and I can simply tell straight away. That you had style, talent and a smoothness and class that stood out even back then, and with maturity and building up your musical experience you have come on leaps and bounds by all the others I have heard by you all. Simply awesome. no other words. You have me as a fan.. And an avid admirer of your musical expression, feelings and sheer beauty you are able to produce and perform and make the listener truly feel within side their ears and heart and souls. More power to you guys.. Exceptional atmospheres moods and emotions just hit you and surround you and make you feel excited, chilled to perfection. Slightly stimulated and aroused to outstanding satisfactions.

Volumed 10 [2007]

Review from: no nick
superb production!

even better than the first album some albums before.
thank you soooo much for sharing! great stuff!

Review from: musictomyears

54 minutes and 6 seconds. of exquisite, high class, sweet, arousing,joyous,fun, stimulating,lounge,downtempo, euphoric, sensual, intoxicating, delightful music. And exceptionally strong,outstanding, gorgeous strong, male vocals. That will make you say Wow.. Out Loud..That are heavenly, divine and inspirationally great. And music that is empowering, Latin, jazzy,funky, pop and rhythm & Blues music on top. That will entice, drive you crazy. And send you into orbit and back again. One cracker of an album. That will you be getting down and dirty with your lover on the sofa to.. Wink.

Review from: murmullocucarachas

Una de tus canciones esta en Radio Copyleft


Gracias por compartir!!!!

Review from: Spaetlese

ganz hervorragend - nicht dieses Funk - Einheits -Brei. Die Musik swingt und ist orginell - der Gesang - ausgezeichnet !!!

Hey José [2008]

Review from: no nick
this group got it!

nice relaxing "stylegroove".
thanks a lot again for sharing your creations!
first class stuff!

Review from: Biberone

Ecco un latin -jazz di stampo decisamente raffinato, davvero molto bello, ottimo sia per l' ascolto che per il ballo. Si tratta di un lavoro ispirato, che ti coinvolge emotivamente, in quanto è basato su atmosfere di stampo un po' retrò, che magicamente ti riportano indietro nel tempo e ti fanno sognare.
Bellissima la voce calda e carica di feeling che si adatta perfettamente al feel dei brani e si ascolta con vero piacere. Grande groove per questo Artista, che sicuramente meriterebbe più ascolti e più notorietà!

Here is a latin-jazz-style very refined, very nice, very good for both the listening to the dance. It is an inspired work, which involves you emotionally, as it is based on the atmosphere of the mold a little 'retro, that you magically back in time and make you dream.
Beautiful voice warm and full of feeling that fits the feel of the songs and listen with great pleasure. Great groove for this artist, who definitely deserves more recognition and more plays!

Review from: musictomyears
Pure, Sexy, Sensual, Jazzy, Blues, R&B Music. & Exceptional Vocals. & OUtstanding, Charismatic, Smoky Filled Love Tracks. & So Much More..

Where ever these guys are playing a live show. I am coming, hold me a seat in the front row please.Why... as by god.. From what I have just heard.... They are exceptional, talented and amazing, artists in general, exciting, smooth and so awesomely entertaining. In everything.. that I have just heard, from them. From, jazzy, blues, funky, rhythm and blues tracks. As Wow... I was truly impressed by the seduction quality and pure blissful atmospheres and flavours and great upbeat, charismatic, styles, that simply rolled from within these guys as they played to perfection. Let alone the singer sang with that deeply, fascinating, bewitching, outstandingly gorgeously, strong, sexy stimulating voice of his. Turn that dial up and simply savour, relax and enjoy. And also not forgetting to say this as a favourite in general. As theses guys are going to be big on Jamendo for sure.

You Know Your Dad [2009]

Review from: Zora42
Gutes Album

Richtig gut^^
Die Stimme erinnert mich an einen sanften Zappa, yeah.
Insgesamt sehr abwechslungsreich, rockig, sehr freaky^^

Review from: musictomyears
Sexy, Sassy & My Kinda Jazzy, Blues, Funky, Latin Music & Vocals.

This was fun, light hearted,entertaining, spicy and cool, crisp and funky,jazzy, Latin energetic, passionate and sexy.. Wow. this guys voice. Makes me hot and bothered.. Ops.. maybe I should not say that. But to hell. I am female can not help it. But the fun and enjoyment. I have had for awhile on an album. I have checked out and totally got into.

Review from: no nick
again thanks!

When The Left Foot Fits The Right Shoe [2009]

Review from: musictomyears
Heavenly... Intoxication Of Exceptional High Standards..

I know i am bias,and a great fan of his stuff in general. When it comes to this guy and his music. Because I know a top class musician and composer when it comes to his style and type of musical expression in general. When I hear it and truly feel it within my heart and soul. And this guys music, just gets better and better. Each and every single time. I check out one of his albums. I just submerge myself totally into it and bathe in glory after glory of a great time had..Makes sun shine and good times come true. And entertains me to the max.

The Vanished Dutchman [2011]

Review from: Bluespfaffe
Zwischen Funkjazz und Latin mit guter Laune

Eclectic ist eine Schublade, die man aufzieht, wenn einem gar nichts mehr einfällt, um einen Stil zu beschreiben. Die niederländische One Man Band JoosTVD verwendet diese Hilfskrücke allerdings freiwillig, um seine musikalische Mixtur aus Funk-Jazz, Soul, Rock und Latin zu kategorisieren. Sein aktuelles Album The Vanished Dutchman ist dafür ein exzellentes Beispiel.

Wenn Leute sofort ein Lächeln auf dem Gesicht haben, wenn Musik läuft, dann ist das schon mal ein gutes Zeichen. Bei Joos TVD funktionerte das schon kurz nach Start des Albums. Sofort kamen Fragen: Wer ist das denn? Ein Holländer, der alles allein im Studio baut? Ungläubige Blicke. Und Vergleiche: Jetzt klingt es ein wenig nach Clapton (da kam ich nicht ganz mit, ich hörte da eher eine von den bösartig humorvollen Nummern von Zappa). Und außerdem zucken die Füße egal, ob die Rhythmen aus dem Funk kommen oder arg nach Lateinamerika klingen. Und selbst romantische Balladen kommen mit einem gewaltigen Augenzwinkern daher. Also bräuchte The Vanished Dutchman eigentlich gar keine Genre-Bezeichnung. Es ist eine gute Popplatte und außerdem noch extrem tanzbar. Sagt das weiter!

Review from: musictomyears
Awesome.....Simply Awesome.. & A Keeper & Downloader..

I do not know if you know it. But just sometimes, you can instantly click and appreciate, and know what you have found. And will love and pure enjoy and get a buzz and a kick from, when you start to listen to music, as often as I do.. And I for one. Can simply tell you. These guys. Send me into heavenly euphoria of a bliss filled state of mind and body. As I check out their albums and songs. Wow what a voice this lead singers has that just makes me, simply have an awesome time. Enjoying his strong, determined, jolly, charismatic, energy filled, passionate, heartfelt, sincere vocals. Just glide and flow to perfection inside my ears and soul. And the feelings of excitement and a brill time just follow. And the musicians. wow what can I say. Guy.. As I have said before. You truly are one band, I will pay millions and travel across the hundreds of miles to check you out..As you are talented, upbeat, fun, stimulating, and outstanding entertaining on top. As I can bet at any of your live shows. Everyone surely does go home buzzing and feeling great after checking you all out..

Review from: Spaetlese

gefällt mir noch besser als das Vorgängeralbum.
Herrlich experimentel - bin absolut begeistert, obwohl ich es sonst eigentlich ruhiger mag.


Review from: TheSunnySide

Définitivement génial. On retrouve l'esprit Nillsson renouvelé de nu-jazz et de lounge. Richissimes orchestrations, très belle voix aux accents désinvoltes, que du très bon !