zaterdag 24 september 2011

German review ins Wasser-Prada

Joos TVD - Orson Nietes (Jamendo)

maandag 19 september 2011

What my ears like to hear most days

Beauty In Full Colour

Ok, if you haven't already, get a free spotify account, search your favourites and listen while cookin' for instance! Maybe you can invite me someday, uh, I mean, on spotify and exchange
The Green Sign

donderdag 15 september 2011

Face me, U, me like!

Well, I don't visit my facebookbandpage (Face JoosTVD) that often, and it shows. I only spread some silly stuff around, by clicking on the icons. Yes, I like clicking, you know, ahum. But, as you've got the nerves to visit this page, you can do something with those itchy fingers. Click on these icons too!
On the right somewhere.... Oooo, yes I'm desperate!
Desperate Facebookaddict
BTW, there's free music up here for you to like too. So support that poor, lonely page (I'm sobbing like a gelly fruitcake now). No, I ain't gonna show a picture of that scene , couldn't face that one...

woensdag 7 september 2011

Grab! it's a free soundlibrary...elsewhere...

I like open source. Wiki Leaks has proved in general that manipulation and misinformation of the masses is still going strong. People are not that stupid!
I don't need to know every tweety thing, but if I want to hear something of a favourite artist, I want to feel free to step into any (virtual?) soundlibrary, have it available and if I like it, I'll pay a reasonable price for it. Still, there are so many uncovered treasures to find out, but kept away, because they don't sell. Who decides that? Well, the answer is predictable. Anyway, I 've paid a lot for many mediocre stuff in the past and I won't have to do that anymore. And if I have to pay for it, I want it to be available.
That's why I keep my options open. you can find me on any online musicstores anyway...!
Thanks for the feedback on my last album btw (read those reviews), whoever you are!

zondag 4 september 2011

Popular? Yeah on Jamendo

The only dutch guy up there on the first's not that important, but......
there must someone who's listening to this goofy stuff, HA!
Well, I'm already busy, goofing again, working with protools on some new sounds. Can't sit still.
So, meanwhile look over there at Jamendo, a lot of different new talents are trying to survive in the same pool. One day we'll all be famous, ha ha!
Nietes? Welles