woensdag 20 augustus 2014

Sketches Of Lou (the video)

Sketches Of Lou
Ok, we have all been waiting so long...no you didn't!
It's almost a year now since the man left the planet.....so the right moment for me to put out that video for "Velvet Shoes" that I've promised. It's the last thing I do for my the album "I MImic Me", because I'm already on a whole other level in the process of creation: got some brand new songs coming up! Yes, it never stops (I'm glad), just can't sit still. Excited!

I have put a lot of work in this, mostly a drawing supporting video. It shows me (wishing it is me that is walking on the wild side) and some different familiar Lou's most of the time, all sequenced rhythmically in a lot of frames. That took ages, before I was really satisfied. For the singalong fan I've included lyrics to yell out.
Originaly I had some black & white drawings. Later on I "coloured" them in with a handy online photo editer called Picmonkey. You can see and read about them in my earlier posts if you like sketches.

!Viewers with photosensitive epilepsy, beware of visual intensity!

Enjoy and spread 'em!

Lyrics   Velvet Shoes                                                          

Now Andy Boy And Mary Lou
They Used To Wear Those VELVET SHOES
They Did The Walk On The Very Wild Side
In The White Heat And The White Light

Now Mary Lou She Used To Play
All Of Your Records On A Perfect Day
Until She Couldn't Listen No More
Now She's Walking Out Of The Door

You Want To Have a Good Time
You Want To Get It Out Of Your Mind
You Want A Change Of The Scene
You Can Blame It On The New York Dream

Well You're Wasting Time
Your Precious Time
Drinking Cheap Cheap Wine
All Of The Time
Now You're Out Of Your Mind
But You Have A Good Time
Down In Your Hole

Hey LOU This Is My Ode To You
Finally Learned To Talk Like
You're Supposed To Do
Maybe I Walk More On The Safer Side
Well This Ain't The Big Apple
But I Give It A Try

I Have Jolly Good Time
I Want To Get It Out Of My Mind
I Wanna Change Of The Scene
I Blame It On The New York Dream
I'm Wasting Time.....

                                                                                      (lyrics & music: JoosTVD) copyright.2014

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