maandag 23 april 2012

Songlist for the 2012 colllection

Hey all you good folks up there, hope you all have a laugh once in a while, a tear is not that far away.
heey, what does that string do here...
Once in a while I'm having one too- even with a total stranger- to keep my restless feet on the ground. But it's the music that 's giving me energy, blowing all the bullshit away.
Now, where were we?
Still trying to finish some songs lyricly, technically. Still trying to give the best that I have. Well that´s not that easy to do as to say. Hey Joost, just don´t dissapear again...

So here's what i have for you: the songlist for 2012:

So what will this new album be about? A different Orson Nietes?
Well the jokes are still there..

But please don´t compare me with the great Frank Zappa, that´s a different league. But still a big inspiration! Gone too soon. Another hero of mine, Levon Helm, just passed away. What an intense and sincere drummer and singer he was. Coincidentally I´ve been reading his wonderful humoreus biography, This Wheel´s On Fire, a must read.

So study those titles carefully and imagine the music behind them, Big exam up next blog.

woensdag 11 april 2012

The constant Spotify gardener...

JoosTVD's Fun Pop 'n Roll

In between sessions I like to be a "nature" boy.
The songs are really progressing now. I've got 20 new "Fun Pop'n Roll songs coming up, chosen from about 40. Still got a lot to do lyricly and technically, until I'm really satisfied. Until then... keep listening (spotify for example)!
I can't the meantime let's fun(k) up the summer!

JoosTVD Tube