donderdag 30 mei 2013

JoosTVD's 2013 release party of The Ballooning Brouhaha (afspeellijst)

maandag 27 mei 2013

Listening Party: Deezer

Listen to Brouhaha on Deezer

Ok. Next? More buylinks like. iTunes, eMusic, Amazon....
Streaming is the new hype, go with the flow then!

Btw, I'm still busy conceiving my next blog, The songguide. Promovideo, alternative platforms like  Jamendo, Noisetrade, Bandcamp will follow soon.
I'll Keep you posted. Hope you like the new stuff.

zaterdag 18 mei 2013

Covers and Songlist Of The Ballooning Brouhaha (ha-haaaa!)


Yes, it's almost all white (it's the peace album I guess), even my hair has caught the snowflake glow......

Next:  The Ballooning Brouhaha The Songuide

donderdag 16 mei 2013

Distribution in progress

The green light is on. That´s quick. Just got the message from Routenote. In a couple of weeks, you can expect the new album on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Rdio. I hope so. In the meantime I´ll be working on two little, funny Youtubes to support the album. Furthermore, I will put the album on several platforms like Jamendo, Noisetrade and Bandcamp. Spread the word...bla, bla, blah.

I´m happy now or am I?


Here´s a link to the distribution label btw,
Routenote digital distribution

Keep it up

woensdag 15 mei 2013

A new baby

Hai there music lovers! Here's another update. Just finished the mastering & the mixing of the new baby, The Ballooning Brouhaha, my 17th album (9th digital). The most difficult thing to do for me is mastering, but after a lot of working out the last details of the sounds, I'm ready now to deliver. I'm really glad that the working process didn't took that long as the previous album. I guess I got used to the fixed idea of making those big double albums (just like Zappa did), with as much songs as I could fit on them. I always write more, so there's always a melody floating around somewhere on my harddrive. Maybe I'm just obsessed with writing.
This time I've chosen to take just 13 songs that- I think- represent me in the most convincing way thusfar. A really gratifying experience for me. So this afternoon I took the distribution road again, on the digital highway. Routenote will hopefully release this one (my fourth one for them) in a couple of weeks so you can stream it on Spotify. I hope you'll dance, cry, laugh and sing along with it!
If they give it the green light, I'll show you a little promo video. And next, you can expect the covers, the songlist, the process, the guestlist (only one), what can be more on your wishlist? I know something, a balloon!

zondag 5 mei 2013

The Ballooning Brouhaha!

Yes, that's the title of the new album for 2013. Since the last album, Art Decoy, I've been learning a lot more about Pro Tools, smoother recording and especially the finesses of mixing. If everything goes as planned, this album will arrive a lot sooner than the previous one. I've chosen for a shorter album with about 13 songs. Still a lot is happening, that I can assure you. No, it will not be an "Orson Nietes, The Next Day", I don't want to wait that long! Though I think Bowie is still cool.
BTW, thanks for you listeners out there, always grateful for the feedback. You can buy my music of course, but the main thing is the accessibility of my songs. Luckily for me, that's the here and the now, I've got visitors from all over the world who are in for a listen. But who are they? Who are you?
Well, this baloon will show up in my Grabbelton very soon. The links of the albums are still working, I can see that in the statistics, so I guess it will work out fine.
Ok, it's all about ballooning, so are you ready for the next trip? Soon, soon,.....