woensdag 23 februari 2011

Album 15 worktitle: ??????

???? I've got alot of worktitles, like:

Hilarious Saggitarius
Vomitus Mximus
Amusement For the Gifted Thunderpoopers
Sugar Sheik And His Cheesey Kitchen Sink
Forehead Monk With Leaky Nose Hair
Boost, Don't Knock!
Fuddy Duddy Forefront complex
Mother Of A Freaking Forehead Complex
Snorbeard's Cheesy Sugar Tunes

Any suggestions are welcome...

Lot of songs to choose from....
Ok. I'm busy. Melodies floating around, guitars and keys connecting with my brains and fingertips. Already 25 songs. Edgier (rock elements) than before, more contrasts in moods (humor versus seriousness). I feel I've got the energy to push these tunes in the right gear. So drive...in overdrive
I also work more with Pro-Tools, it's very flexible and I combine that with organic sounds...from the kitchen sink.

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So, where is my fricking forehead.....?

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