vrijdag 27 november 2015

Blame It On The Fun

Yes, 2016 is already on my mind, as is my new album, which will problably, predictably come out that spring. Who knows? I can't help myself. It's the time of the year. What really blows my mind now is that I'm not even aware of the looseness of the whole writing and production process. Nothing seems to get in my way. If my mind doesn't open up, nobody is trying to force me into writing songs. When it's open, it's wide open, like a parachute. It works most of the time.

Blame it on the cats....?

Not the frontcover of a JoosTVD album, or....?

Well, don't underestimate the presence of a pet. I've got those two gangsters pictured since they were very small. Great. playfull companions of mine. They make, a sometimes moody guy like me, laugh a many more times a day than without them. Aah yes the little things in life. Blame it on the fun. CU!

vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Yes, use my song!

Once in a while I come across "JoosTVD" songs supporting videos on youtube that really take me by surprise. Some of these songs are 10 years old! I've got nothing to do with these promo videos, but it's nice to see what other people add to to what once was an idea popping out of your head and pooring out of your fingers...so a few here to illustrate that.

Songs used in the video's are: Bomber Drone, Shark In The Disco, Circus Monkey, Sow Motion Dream, Stupid Song(s), Tweet.

Ps. (alert! commercial intermisssssssion) Need some of my music? I've got two instrumental albums "For Your Pleasure 1 & 2" on Jamendo readymade, waiting to inspire you!

woensdag 7 oktober 2015

In The Works

Hai there, Joost has an update. Nothing shocking or to scare you or embarrass myself of I hope... I'm working on it...work to make it work. Ideas pile up every day. It says so on my Twitteraccount. Excitement occures ocassionally. Which ones will end up on the new album? I've already got 9 songs in the pipeline, but far more sketchy ideas, all helping me to focus I guess. As I want this to be a compact one, there'll be no more than 12 of them. More quality, less quantity then? Well if you chew out a full album (say double album) of say about 18 songs, that's a lot to process. It worked more or less with the last one. But especially in the finishing stage, you have to have fresh ears. Less is more! The most fun part for me is to write, record and arrange the songs, but the finishing part (mixing and mastering) is easier to do with less. I'm in the middle of  this mixing process with 9 songs, working more and more on the details than before. Let them breath in an experimental journey.
Is this all neccessairy? Well, I've been around the block writing songs a few times now and I just want to get better you know. Yes I know and you know. Get ready!
In the meantime if you just can't wait, did you know I've come up with another instrumental album on Jamendo? 

Cats don't like to hear about details......

donderdag 3 september 2015

Complete List Of His Works

Yes, I've updated the "Complete List Of His Works" section. My o my, look at those arty albumtitles! Just to make things look complete, I've compiled anything  I've been recording since 1987, when I started my own band with some friends, way back. All played and recorded on those hip, vintage cassettes. In 1998 the digital age started creeping in, so I burned my own cd's (Now On CD) and in 2005 digital distribution became the motto. It's been an intensive journey so far, but I hope it will never stop.....

 just to proof that I really made those cassettes/cd's, for non-believers, I've added a few pictures..

1998 A Beautiful Boy And His Dreamsister
2002 He's Your Buddy
  • Digital:
  • 2015 For Your Pleasure Vol.2
  • 2015 Lightning Dutchman
  • 2014 For Your Pleasure Vol.1
  • 2014 I Mimic Me
  • 2013 The Ballooning Brouhaha
  • 2012 Art Decoy The Bluebeard Boy
  • 2011 Orson Nietes
  • 2010 The Vanished Dutchman
  • 2009 When The Left Foot Fits The Right Shoe
  • 2009 You Know Your Dad
  • 2008 Hé José
  • 2007 Volumed 10
  • 2005 Gift Shot
  •  Burned cd's:
  • 2004 That's Me With The Ball
  • 2002 He's Your Buddy
  • 2001 Colour Me Black Or White
  • 2000 Thanks For Stopping By
  • 2000 Big Shoes To Fill
  • 1999 Rub Your Face In It
  • 1999 Tarts
  • 1998 Now On Cd
  • Cassettes 90 min.:
  • 1998 A Beautiful Boy And His Dreamsister
  • 1998 Shadowworld
  • 1998 Every Damn Thing
  • 1998 Finest Hour
  • 1998 Within The Sphere Of Rhapsodies
  • 1998 What Do You Call A Beautiful Day?
  • 1997 Zenith Or Zerohour
  • 1997 What's Your Next Triumph?
  • 1997 Dreamboat With An Edge
  • 1997 Expression Of My Own Desire
  • 1996 In A Nutshell
  • 1996 To Absent Friends And New Acquaintances
  • 1996 Long Enough For Ya?
  • 1996 Moodswing
  • 1996 Vs The Patronizing People
  • 1996 Life As A Transparent Movie
  • 1995 Ode To A Player
  • 1995 Greatest Nix
  • 1995 True Blue Kind Of A Guy
  • 1995 Starstruck
  • 1994 The Trick Of A Kick
  • 1994 Samsongs
  • 1994 Goodness Knows
  • 1994 22th Episode Of Side Effects
  • 1993 Dixieland On A Flat hand
  • 1993 Non Stop Riot
  • 1993 What's The Name Of This Baby?
  • 1993 C'est Therdin
  • 1993 Step Into My Office
  • 1992 Hope I'll Live After I'll die
  • 1992 Now She Is
  • 1992 You Don't Get It Do You?
  • 1992 Quiet Monster
  • 1992 On Top Of That Feeling
  • 1991 The Zoo In You
  • 1991 Hoopla
  • 1991 People On Bridges
  • 1990 Mr.Thisman's Blue Avenue
  • 1990 How Would You Like Your Picnic?
  • 1990 Man Enough The June Final
  • 1989 Room Of Joy
  • 1989 When
  • 1988 One Example
  • 1987 Valentine Suite

donderdag 27 augustus 2015

For Your Pleasure...Vol.2!

Just arrived! 22 instrumental songs, only available on Jamendo for now. Especially for video-projects and the like. And easy on the ears, heart, knees, mind and feet. So take them, they are yours.
Sort of an inbetweenie (refreshing for me to work on too!), For Your Pleasure Vol.2 is an ongoing series. Enough material for more pleasure.
My next "straight" album will arrive somewhere... in 2016.

During the process I noticed- by the flow and mostly beachy, summer mood- a little story was evolving while sequeing the songs. A concept? A Hitchcock/ Orson Welles mystery perhaps? Well, let's imagine....
Here's a little storyline I came up with (while listening) for a yet to be made or not to be made movie:

this reckless spy, once a successful operator, has to escape into his silhouette. Now older, washed up, stranded somewhere on a desolate beach, meeting the good (romance), the bad (no cash) & the ugly (fake romance) and getting away with it (with that "Moon Elevator") and finally steps out of his shadow.

donderdag 6 augustus 2015

Rock'n Roll Me In...Or Out!

Hai folks of the flat earth, what's happening?
I'm in the middle of learning more about the mixing and mastering process while recording new songs, trying to get on a higher level studiowise. Homerecording is tricky, when you're not a pro, but I'm getting better at it- at least what I think- with each new album. I'm learning.
So far I've got 9 songs, some already finished, except for the experimental mastering process. That's the last tweak on the mix.

Here's a one last thing I've done for my last album. Didn't hear it yet? Here you are Spotify
Got this little flashy, funny video for ya, sort of a collage of different versions of me playing  the same song "Rock'n Roll Me In Or Out". Hey it's my holidays by the way! I'm off....


 "You keep rolling in rolling out of my life
                                                  You've packed your bags, won't say farewell
                                                  Ain't got no tissues up there in Heartbreak Hotel

                                                 You keep rolling in rock'n roll me out of your life!

                                                 You keep walking in you keep walking out of my life
                                                 I knock at your door you won't open up
                                                 Keep pounding even louder I won't give it up

                                                 You keep ruling me in ruling me out of my life"

zondag 5 juli 2015

Hey, I know that song!

Hi folks, it's hot in da lowlands, but I still keep going!
Yes I am curious and as I stumbled upon those funny, glossy-styled video's I immediately recognized that voice (aargh) and the sound. Most of the songs are licensed by Jamendo. So far I've found 160 (there could be more of course) of them with a lot old, funky dutchman stuff and some do not fit at all:

Dance Till Your Drunk [2005], I Want It Back, Overdone [2005], Desertfly [2007], Making Faces [2008], Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies [2008], Wonder [2008], Violent Boy [2008], The Root of My Belly [2009], The Greek Way Garden [2010], Back To The Race [2011], Bigger Things [2011], Sugar tune [2011], Stupid Song(s) [2013], Sin Pan Alleyman [2014], Intermission Of Love [2014], Buy (Bye Bye) [2014], Slow Motion Dream [2014], Bomber Drone [2014]Have a great summer everyone!

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vrijdag 12 juni 2015

My Personal Vinyl

How ironic: just when you think we'll all go digital, we're going analog. Needle, turntable, grooves, black, sleeves, analog...As a vinyl lover I've always dreamt about having my music on black plastic, until now... just received my own! It's a 10 inch one (25,4 cm), 3 songs on each side, so that way it fits in the post box. I listen while writing this and immediately I recognise those deep, warm nostalgic 70ties sounds, haha. Of course I had to choose which songs would make it. Six favourites from the last three albums are on it. Good fun!



donderdag 21 mei 2015

Tube Channel

Just to add another way to find the obvious. Yes, I have one ( JoosTVD's vids) where I upload my own promo videos, but these days YouTube collects all the songtitles associated with the artist. Quite a varied bunch I may say....

                                           Made by online distributioner iMusician Digital

vrijdag 1 mei 2015

Did it again..oeps!

Hey there world!

As I write this, that song "Don't Do It Again" has been played and liked by a few radiostations,  unexpected listeners, picked up by websites. I'm glad, because I'm real proud of this song. I feel lightning coming up. Thanks for listening!

Which song?

"4.Don't Do It Again
This song started out with a funky groove looping around and a few guitarchords, but it really caught fire when I wrote the melody on piano. I've noticed that I can create motives and melodies easier on piano than on guitar. Groovy."

So where are those links?

"Unscrew Yourself" peaked on souncloud this week, so I'm more than satisfied:

JoosTVD Tube