donderdag 17 april 2014

Magazine Wasser-Prawda


Great! You can download as pdf and

read that german review and many other cultural ditties, mine on page 5.

Thanks Nathan (journalist Wasser-Prawda)

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Croydon radio

Hai there,
It's always a pleasure to know that what you do is appreciated. There's a lot talent out there and I'm not here to win a contest, just wanna create songs! And I'm already busy with a few that will definately become future hits. Not in my lifetime, no.

I let my music spread as far and as wide as possible, but I guess it's just a raindrop that's reaching a few listeners, but what the heck...

Nice to played on the radio though! Song?
Cowboy On The Moon

Info (a lot of footbal talking):
In The Den (UK Croydon radio)

donderdag 10 april 2014

I Mimic Me, the songguide

                                                                           A Quicky! The 14 song sampler

Ok, now it's out of the bag...
As usual (am I boring, predictable?), once a year I invite the listeners to read about the "inside" story of a new album. How I vanish into my reclusive hole and come back with some new, fresh & above all: haha, brilliant music. But hey, there's no hidden message here!. For me, music has to be fun, joy, melodic, funky, over the top, ironic, colourful and full of character. I Mimic Me.
After my last album "The Ballooning Brouhaha" floated through digital spaces, I immediately sat down to the work. Ideas "always" come quick, emotions keep pouring out of my fingertips. But how to shape them in attractive little ditties?
I always start recording with a basic track (rhythm pattern) and the first instrument (piano, guitar) I've chosen to write on. I want to record as fast as possible to capture the energy and/or the emotion of that particular "high" moment of inspiration. Record as if in "performance". Forget "studio".
Choices, doubts, solutions, inspiration going back and forth. Well, mostly for me, I'm working around the more technical shortcommings I have as a recording-in the flesh- musician. So the last few years I've been watching some show-off sound engineer pros showing their flashy studio stuff on Youtube. There are a lot of choices you can make, details you can alter with your workstation (Pro Tools is mine), especially in the mixing process, which makes the whole process even more challenging to keep things as organic as possible.
As long as it helps me further. But it all starts with a tight rehearsed performance, so what you can't fix....

Listen carefully!

Now, press on your application of choice (sorry no vinyl), like Deezer, Spotify or iTunes or maybe your free download and let those little stories stir up your imagination.

01.Cowboy On The Moon
Build around a chord progression I luckely found on the piano almost a year ago(!). I wrote a few countermelodies (guitar and woodwinds) that brought more layered excitement arrangementwise that I wanted for the song. I had lot of fun with this one, never stopped developping ideas in that department. Took a long time to write about cowboys-no indians-but moons though...

02.Velvet Shoes
This took 3 minutes to write, but the vision to work it out, took a lot longer....
You can guess this is about Lou Reed, my indirect connection with him, expressed in a an uplifting, I hope, tribute song. His death and his music got me closer again to the legend and his work (my fave is 1973's Berlin). Yes, I tried to use some of his typical pronounciation (but "I mimic me" right?) and a few of his familiar lines (wild side, white heat white light). Fun song!
Btw, great read: two biographies of Lou and the Velvet Underground by Victor Bockris. 

03.Buy (Bye Bye)
Topic: a pact with the devil/Faust: selling out in favor of becoming successful. Bye, buy...
I used this funkbeat for intensity, although I can never be that hypnotic like James Brown, but I can in a, uuh, funny JoosTVD kind of way.

04.Ballroom Blues
Overblown ballroom showstopper (took a lot of mindslapping working this out!) about windbags and other loudmouths. You know who you are. Now shut the f... up!

05.Social Suicide
One of those fun songs that wrote itself and relatively quick both musically and lyrically. All 13 songs came quick, but mostly musically.The choice of intruments, how to colour the arrangements...they' re already there in my head when I wrote this song.

06.I Mimic Me
Here I go again! The same burst of creativity happened like song 5. Short and sweet. I really like that. Maybe the next time I can put out an album even quicker. Well.....these explosive moments are rare though. And I love what Jack Bruce did with Kip Hanrahan. (great album: Vertical Currency 1984)

07.Different Kind Of Cool 
Yeah, a fast, funpowerpop rocksong. Something (rock) I do not do often, but it gives the album a different- rockier- colour.

08.Intermission Of Love
Hey lunch hour! A little (one minute!) Tin Pan Alley love song. Yes, I really love the creativity of Irving berlin and Cole Porter. These chords say it all: melodic, romantic. Ahh, my soft side...

09.Cats (Walk With A Swagger)
One of the first tunes I wrote for this album. It gave me purpose of direction. A lot of funny (real cat sounds) stuff happening, surprising breaks and stops in combination with melodies. (thanks to Arto Lindsay & the Ambitious Lovers)

10.Sin Pan Alleyman
Unexpectacly, former musical mate Wijnand Brant (WB) helped me out with his unstoppable fingers & guitars on this forgotten instrumental idea, one of many I've piled up on my harddisk.
(C O N) F U S I O N ? !

11.Lovesong For The Ghetto
Wrote this relatively quick on guitar, sang the title (and liked the melodic refrain a lot) and's a bit dark (ghetto), but eased, counterbalanced with some eerie female voices, which I found fitting with my own low male singing.

12.Coffin Song
Also one of the first more uplifting (listen to the guitar chords, variations in D), funky song I wrote, musically that is. The theme is a little dark though: "put the sickness in the ground". No, no cofee needed. A coffin with a "n". Not a special message I have here, it's just dark humor, sardonic wordplay.

13.I See You
To counterbalance the more energetic songs, there' s always some sort of melancholic ballad I come up with- developped on the piano- after much rehearsel, this was recorded live. I've tried to come up with something uplifting, melodic, not too self-important or dramatic.

14.Cowboy In Your Room
Reprising song nr.1 here, it has got a few nice breaks in it, so the idea for an instrumental promo (see video post) was born.

Thanks again for listening!
Listen again!

dinsdag 8 april 2014

Tanzen! Dance! JoosTVD on german radio

Tuesday evening, between 20.00u-22.00u

Listen here: Radio 98eins

Okay, here's the playlist for tonight:
1 Johnny Angel You Got Me Jumpin
2 Dave Moretti Blues Revue Good Morning Judge
3 The Holmes Brothers Stayed At The Party
4 Blue Ribbon Sweet Sixteen
5 Blue Ribbon Breaking Up Somebody's Home
6 Saidah Baba Talibah Revolution
7 Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band Take This Pressure Off Of Me
8 Meena Cryle & The Chris Fillmore Band Give It Back
9 Mary Washington Brooks Leave Your Checkbook On The Bed
10 Back On The Road If I Was No King
11 Albert Castiglia Sway
12 Andres Roots & Raul Terpe Pärnu Hambone
13 Jonah Gold & His Silver Apples I Can Tell
14 Big Daddy Wilson Trio Baby's Coming Home
15 Mark Harrison Hard Times
16 Maik W. Garthe Black Lemon
17 Brandon Isaak Gamble On Love
18 Brandon Isaak Up The Frisco Line
19 Thomas Stelzer Ev'rybody Loves Saturdaynight
20 Thomas Stelzer John & Mac In Dublin
21 Fabian Fritz Big Chief
22 The Kuti Mangoes Fire
23 Avner Strauss African Magician
24 Avner Strauss Blues Together
!!!25 JoosTVD Cowboy On The Moon
26 Dave Moretti Blues Revue That's Swing
27 The Holmes Brothers Amazing Grace

vrijdag 4 april 2014

"Selfie" on Youtube

I only went to the bathroom, and well,'s the supporting video of the title track

Next: I Mimic Me, the songguide (yes it's coming)

maandag 31 maart 2014

Wow, great review from Nathan (Wasser-Prawda)!

So glad with this. Some feedback! He (Nathan Nörgel) knows his way with words and you have to read carefully to fully understand the german symbolic meanings he gives of various songs. So I'll give you a "not so perfect" translation after. If you understand it, tell me! If you don't, well I can try to explain!

"I Mimic Me" Review in Wasser-Prada

Auch auf seinem bislang zehnten (wie immer nur rein digital veröffentlichten) Album, bleibt der niederländische Songwriter Joos TVD alias The Vanished Dutchman vor alleim eines: unwahrscheinlich unterhaltsam. Musikalisch erkundet er auf „I Mimic Me“ so ziemlich jedes Territorium zwischen Rock, Fusion-Jazz, Pop und sogar Blues.
Mit Blues hat es der Multiinstrumentalist eigentlich nicht so. Umso überraschter war ich, als ich auf der Tracklist des neuen Albums einen Titel namens Ballroom Blues entdeckte. Doch wer jetzt auf die heiligen zwölf Takte wartet, der kennt Joos TVD schlecht. Denn das Stück über vergebliche Versuche, als jemand anderes wahrgenommen zu werden ist anfangs Rock, zwischendurch bricht es kurz in swingende Jazzgefilde auf. Und insgesamt ist das wieder ein melancholisch-humorvoller Song, wie ihn heutzutage vielleicht auch Zappa hätte schreiben können. Der Anfang von „I Mimic Me“ hatte mich da musikalisch schon mehr überrascht. Denn Stücke wie „Cowboy On The Moon“ oder „Velvet Shoes“ perlen zunächst elegant wie der jazzige Pop von Steely Dan.
Was mir besonders auffällt, ist die Melancholie der Lieder, die oft nur wenig von der Musik verstellt wird. Hier - und damit sind wir beim Titel des Albums - versucht der Künstler, sich selbst als Kind nachzuahmen. Und natürlich ist das zum Scheitern verurteilt. Was unwahrscheinlich schade ist. Denn als Erwachsener ist man bei aller Anstrengung oft nicht mehr als ein „Cowboy On The Moon“, also völlig am falschen Platz, man begeht unablässig sozialen Selbstmord, wenn man sich um die Regeln nicht schert.
Selbst die Beziehungen drohen an solchen Banalitäten zu scheitern, dass man selbst seine Katze liebt, während die Partnerin in ihren Hund vernarrt ist und die beiden Tiere sich vertragen wie Schweine und Frösche. Also wie sprichwörtlich Hund und Katze.
„I Mimic Me“ - ein tolles Album musikalisch und auch von den Texten her. Und auch wenn hier die Musik ganz dem Thema entsprechend Stile der letzten Jahrzehnte nachahmt, heißt dass noch längst nicht, dass die Stücke von Joost van Dinther nicht äußerst orginell wären. (bandcamp)

On his tenth so far (as always purely digitally published) album, the Dutch songwriter Joos TVD aka The Vanished Dutchman remains: unlikely entertaining. Musically, he explored on 'I Mimic Me' pretty much every territory between rock, fusion jazz, pop and even blues. 
With blues, this multi-instrumentalist has actually not so. The more surprised I was when I discovered a title called Ballroom Blues on the tracklist of the new album. But who is now waiting for the holy twelve bars knows Joos TVD bad. Because the piece on futile attempts to be perceived as someone else's first rock, between it breaks up briefly in swinging Jazzgefilde. And overall, this is again a melancholic and humorous song, like him nowadays perhaps Zappa could have written. The beginning of 'I Mimic Me' had me as musically surprised even more. For songs like 'Cowboy On The Moon' or 'Velvet Shoes' pearls initially elegant as the jazzy pop of Steely Dan.

What I notice is the melancholy of the songs that is often adjusted only slightly from the music. Here - and brings us to the title of the album - the artist tries to imitate himself as a child. And of course, this is doomed to failure. What is unlikely shame. Because as an adult you are with all the effort often no more than a 'Cowboy On The Moon', so completely the wrong place, one commits suicide relentlessly social, if you do not care about the rules.

Even the relationships threaten to fail in such banalities that even he loves his cat, while the partner is fond of her dog and the two animals get along like pigs and frogs. So like the proverbial dog and cat.
'I Mimic Me' - a great album musically and also from the lyrics here. And even if mimicking the music here all the topic according to the style of the last few decades, that is, by no means, that the pieces of Joost van Dinther would not be extremely orginal. (Bandcamp) 

Op zijn tiende tot dusver (zoals altijd puur digitaal gepubliceerd) album, de Nederlandse songwriter Joos TVD aka The Vanished Nederlander blijft vooral: onwaarschijnlijk onderhoudend. Muzikaal verkende hij op 'Ik Mimic Me' vrijwel elk gebied tussen rock, fusion jazz, pop en zelfs blues.

Met blues, heeft het multi-instrumentalist eigenlijk niet zo. Des te meer verbaasde mij toen ik ontdekte een titel genaamd Ballroom Blues op de tracklist van het nieuwe album. Maar wie zit nu te wachten op de heilige twaalf bars dan kent die Joos TVD slecht. Omdat het stuk op vergeefse pogingen worden gezien als iemand anders eerste rock, tussen het breekt kort in swingende Jazzgefilde. En over het algemeen, dit is weer een melancholisch en humoristische lied, zoals hij tegenwoordig misschien Zappa had kunnen schrijven. Het begin van 'I Mimic Me' had mij als muzikaal verrast zelfs meer. Voor nummers als 'Cowboy On The Moon' of parels 'Velvet Shoes' aanvankelijk elegant als de jazzy pop van Steely Dan.

Wat ik merk is de melancholie van de nummers die vaak slechts in geringe mate wordt aangepast van de muziek. Hier - en brengt ons naar de titel van het album - de kunstenaar probeert zichzelf te imiteren als een kind. En natuurlijk, dit is gedoemd te mislukken. Wat is onwaarschijnlijk schande. Omdat als een volwassene je bent met al de moeite vaak niet meer dan een 'Cowboy On The Moon', zo helemaal de verkeerde plaats, een zelfmoord pleegt meedogenloos sociale, als je niet de zorg over de regels.

Zelfs de verhoudingen dreigen te mislukken in zulke banaliteiten dat zelfs hij van zijn kat houdt, terwijl de partner is dol op haar hond en de twee dieren opschieten zoals varkens en kikkers. Dus als de spreekwoordelijke hond en kat.
'Ik Mimic Me' - een goed album muzikaal en ook uit de teksten hier. En zelfs als het nabootsen van de muziek hier al het onderwerp volgens de stijl van de laatste decennia, dat wil zeggen, geenszins, dat de stukken van Joost van Dinther zou niet extreem orgineel zijn. (Bandcamp)
Next: I Mimic Me, the songguide

donderdag 27 maart 2014

Spread like oil...

Well, good folks of mother earth, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that the new album arrived yesterday on Spotify. Next came iTunes. That's what I call fast delivery! Thanks to Routenote.

And now I "give it all" away on:


Keep checking, I'll update the links for more. Have earfun!

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Promo & Preview "I Mimic Me" 2014!

Do we really only mimic ourselves?

                                                                      Promo 2014

                                                            Preview the whole album

As you can see, the album should be online by now (yes here: Spotify  iTunes ,
the rest will follow) and if not, keep checking!

Next: I Mimic Me, the songguide

dinsdag 25 maart 2014

Copy, copy, right!

Routenote, my distribution label (spotify, itunes, deezer,...) is partners with YouTube now. That means, all of my video content will be automatically recognised as a topic. Read about it here


So- as enthousiastic as I am to spread the new stuff- yesterday, I uploaded an upcoming promo video for the new album, but that got me in "trouble" with a copyright claim from...ahum, Routenote.
Of course I always upload under my REAL name (who am I anyway?), so they didn't recognize that it was JoosTVD himself!
Well, after a few mail exchanges, it's all solved now

(Btw, the new promo/teaser (and a few other funny vids) will-hopefully- see the light of day soon, soon!
So why don't you serve yourself another cup of joe and subscribe?)
The JoosTVD topic is here or here

Next: Teaser/ promo video "I Mimic Me"

donderdag 20 maart 2014

New album 2014: I Mimic Me

What time is it? Yes exactly time for a brand new TVD album!
Routenote has approved the album so distribution is on its way. 
I'm so excited about the songs!

Now keep your/my fingers crossed..... Still 4 to 6 weeks to go though, but iTunes & Spotify are fast, so check them and tell me!

In the meantime, here are the covers:

                                        About the Title I Mimic Me

Narcistic as hell that title. It sounds fun to me. "I do Lou Reed better than anyone" Lou Reed confessed to a crowd once. Well in my case, when you reach a sudden age (?), you've come full circle. You learn to accept what you've become (pros & negs) on your own level.

So on the frontcover there's a little me, about 10 years old, in a rare state of relaxing, grinning shyly and there's the grown-up old farty me, trying more or less, but fail to mimic the younger me. Mmmm...


As you can see, 13 songs (+ song 14 is the instrumental promo version of song 1) again, just like last time. Yes, I've got lots of more songs in the bag, but these are chosen as the best buy.

Btw, I also got a few funny vids in the making for ya, so...

.... next time:  Teaser "I Mimic Me" 2014