vrijdag 27 maart 2015

Your Tube!

As you all know, Youtube is a very populair streamservice, so I've taken the liberty of putting some audio- consisting 5 songs for now- up there. Audio to watch on Your Tube!

dinsdag 24 maart 2015

German Blues radio

I really liked radio as a kid. I don't listen often now, but this evening at 8 o'clock I'll be listening. Here is Radio Eins Not only I'll be on the playlist (he started the program with Unscrew Yourself), but some of my favourite great bluesplayers and singers are there too.

It's that german journalist Nathan that has added me on the playlist. He has already written some great reviews in his online Art/ Music magazine Wasser Prawda on my albums (like I Mimic Me [2014], The Ballooning Brouhaha [2013], Art Decoy The Bluebeard Boy [2012], Orson Nietes [2011], The Vanished Dutchman [2010] in the past. His review on my new album will come later this week. Wow, looking forward to this! Tune in, drop out!

vrijdag 20 maart 2015

Inside story! Questionaire

Sometimes you meet the most couraging people without seeing them face to face. Modern times I guess. Had a lovely "encounter" yesterday with a music writer (and other nice music enthusiasts, like Wim Oudijk!), who asked for an interview, well sort of..more like a questionaire. Thanks again for the nice puttings! His blog is HERE


Thunder and lightning... A fusion you just can't ignore... He's back with a full length album... JOOSTVD is bound to get you smiling whatever style you're in... Welcome...

Sometimes it takes an orchestra,
sometimes a band,
sometimes a duo, every time it's the love for music
and this time it's just one man...


The disappearing and reappearing
Vanished Dutchman is back with a full length album
and he made a really enjoyable music fusion
that can be tasted HERE
but you should take five to read what the man himself
had to say in his defence:

A short story about who you are and what you do...
I’m now an old(er)looking guy with a kid’s attitude.
Growing up in the seventies (listening to Roxy Music, Can and David Bowie e.a.), I followed in the footsteps of my father, whose collection of history, art books and music inspired me to make music. Now I‘m living the dream of creating songs, recording and spreading them.
I’m collecting myself too of course.

A new album every spring... What's the trick?
I love the album concept. Regular life. Breathing in and out.
Being a family man, trying to enjoy the little things. Boring maybe, not the obvious too much sex/drugs/rock’n'roll lifestyle I guess. I like the working pattern I have developed. It’s like a cycle: ideas pop up, I bring them to life and then hopefully this very intense process starts over. I’m already busy with new songs now this new album is out. Guess you have to be (and I am) kinda disciplined. Work to make it work!

Doing all this work by yourself... You must be a little crazy :) 
Why are you crazy about music?
Yes you have to be crazy! I’m addicted to sound and the “what will happen if I push this button or play that chord the whole time” method. I’m also a fervent listener and a fan of lots of great artists, like Todd Rundgren and Frank Zappa, whose individuality have educated and inspired me to do this
DIY thing.

You can take only one instrument with you. Which one? Why?
To an island? Drums (that’s maybe too heavy to carry with me, but still).
I started out as a drummer. That was the first  reall kick and my direct connection with playing an instrument. Around 1979 Stewart Copeland (Police) provided the stimulation. O my god, I can’t write songs on a cowbell! Maybe an acoustic guitar will do then.

 Admit something that makes (made) you blush?
A lot of people watching at the same time…. at the introverted me.

It's a sunny day, you feel good but real hungry, walk into a restaurant... 
What's your order?
First I’ll take a cold Belgian beer (Palm) to cool off.
If I’m really hungry I’ll order pizza… Hawaii.

How do you perform a live show?
I don’t anymore. I did with a few bands in the Netherlands from 1980 till 1995. First as a drummer, later as a frontman performing my own songs. Acting like a clown on stage. I do like performing, though I don’t see myself as a “good” performer. Not by technical standards I’d like it to be.

 Message for our viewers?
I’m always grateful to new and loyal listeners and as a musician it’s even more rewarding to get feedback on your stuff. It all helps to get better and to keep this “cycle” going. It’s an acting- reaction thing I guess. Just like this interview. Thanks for asking me!

Promo video of the new album
starts with a small provocation
but hey... if life gets too complicated...
and you feel screwed up... well... unscrew yourself!
Remember that!
Thank you for visiting!

zaterdag 14 maart 2015

Lightning Dutchman released and where?

Wow! Fast delivery by Routenote! (will updated when new links arrive) Stream, buy...have fun!
And....why not leave a note? Have a nice weekend. I'm proud.

Delirious Dutchman
Online music stores:


Online blogs

Common People's Music Bar

zondag 8 maart 2015

Unscrew Yourself, video promo "Lightning Dutchman"

Yes! As I write this, the new album is in the distribution process and when approved it will arrive in a few (2 to 4) weeks. Spotify, Deezer and iTunes will be the first streamlinks, the rest will follow. Fingers & legs crossed.
Now get ready for the first promo video, especially if you've got the blues. I've got that sometimes. You'll see what I do in that case in the clip. Guess we all feel screwed up sometimes, so what if I add a "positive" Un on it so we say: Unscrew Yourself? That's it, Say it! Get involved. It's the first song you'll hear when you put on that Lightning Dutchman [2015] album. So enjoy, hope you like...

Next: The story behind "Lighting Dutchman"

zondag 1 maart 2015

Live session......

....but only in pictures. For now. A lot of work has been done there in his homestudio. Wonder which song he's singing....must be one of the new songs! Notice all the albums in the background. No, those can't be his...

Climaxing Dutchman

Jolly Singing Dutchman

"Oe" Dutchman

Percussive Dutchman
Next: Promo video!

vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Title & Covers for the new 2015 album

Beware, especially the impatient listeners, it's a longplayer (like a double album on vinyl), but relax... it consist mostly of short songs. 18 of them.  I could even choose from about thirty/forty songs. Lucky son of a ...Yes, it's been a very productive ride in my homestudio. But I'm aware...quantity is not quality.
Excited? Me?

I've been in a very electric- no, not in the heavy guitar metal way-state of mind the last year. All that bursts of inspiration, energy coming out, so I came up with this flashy title:

                                                Lightning Dutchman

sure, there are always references......a bluesname like Lighnin' Hopkins? Well, although I'm not a bluesman, I have a few blues chops in my throat, so indirectly it is) To me it sounds cool and nifty.

                                                                                                         The concept: 
Pictures have been taken by my camera-spying spouse Yola on a weekend trip, while climbing an endless dutch tower. I've dealt with the design (the black & white, lightning electricity effect) and what I especially liked about it, was the delusive perspective (upside down) of the staircase. It reminded me of the work of dutch artist Escher. The mystery of that Vanished Dutchguy. Fascinated by gravity and relativity? Take a walk into the illusion of the Penrose stairs
Now look at the covers (two frontcovers!) and tell me where the stairs are:

alt.Frontcover 2/innersleeve & Backcover & songlist

Excited! Me? 

Next: live session, New song, video promo "Lightning Dutchman"

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

2015: what am I here for and what can you do?

Hey, it's 2015 and here we are again: I'm in the last stages of a new TVD album. Slowly, but with the unavoidable bursts of energy (electricity!) and all the practising experiences I've endured, it is all working out smoothly.

Electric Dutchman
One thing I can't do, is to force this music and...the words.. Got one lyric about a past lovestory I can't finish. Yes, she broke my heart. Damn. But I got over it or did I(?), so the obvious, but paradoxal title "But Do I Miss You" came up. The answer? Two ways: I don't miss you at all, I miss you so bad. Dilemma. Well, that became the refrain. But for the rest it's... guess It's all about the right combination of words that have to gel together and for now they are just too cheesy! In the past I used my personal experiences as lyrics, but I try to make them less navelstaring and more "universal". That's where my goal lays here. Love and cheese, aaargh. Bold love then?
What can you do? (Throw money!) Maybe you can send me some alternative words that can give this story a litle more edge.
Really love to experiment with the homestudio though. It's just an addition to the finishing touch, like a simple palette, but with a wide range of colours to choose from if you mix them.

In the following months you can expect a few more posts, updates, so stand by me. BTW, what time is it?
Have a nice day, night or evening folks!

dinsdag 23 december 2014

Two Thousand and Fourteen

That's it, this is the end my friends......another year vanished. Let's take a walk back into, mostly my musicyear.

2014: a year of the surprising and unexspected losses:
R.I.P. actors I have enjoyed, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams, but so many in a short time! See a full list IMDB deathlist 2014
To many musicians I have admired, like Bobby Keys, Jack Bruce, Johnny Winter, Bobby Womack,  Jesse Winchester, Paco De Lucia, Phil Everly, Pete Seeger, Joe Cocker (!)
Full Ranker death musicians 2014

A "few" words on Jack Bruce, because he put me on another planet and back. Everyone surely knows Cream, that supergroup from the sixties. Eric Clapton was God (to his fans and media), pushed forward as the star of the band by his american  record label at the time (Atlantic).

Not everyone knows (guess after Jack's death everyone suddenly knows!) that Jack wrote the most adventurous songs and the main hits (with lyricist Pete Brown) for the group. After Cream, Jack pursued his own musical route and his main goal was to test the boundaries in composition and arrangements of a song. His unususal and complex songwriting was a commercial flop in many obvious ways. No instant hits, no white room with sunshine peeking through it. No glamour. Just adventurous music, to keep things interesting. Searching, that was Jack, who could play many instruments (cello, bass, piano, guitar) and used them in his own personal expressive way, often resulting in composing beautiful melodies. As a working musician he became a paradox of styles, as he often guested on other albums from extreme avantgarde (Carla Bley, Michael Mantler, Zappa), "pop" (Lou Reed) to almost straight hardrock (West, Bruce, Laing). The list goes on.

I was just a green kid when Cream played their last farewell concert in the Royal Albert Hall in 1968, so I was a late Jack discoverer. Indirectly, because it was not by listening to his solo albums that already took off in 1969, but through the very intensely and inspired works of Kip Hanrahan. Especially  his 1984 album Vertical's Currency did it for me. In the middle of the sterile eighties, it was such a welcome and organic contrast to discover. That beautiful soft, intense and sensitive voice of Jack's subtle singing, bossa nova styling in the midst of a ritmically masterful band and unexpected songstructures, the whole album oozes and breathes like the human spirit: I couldn't believe that this was the former Cream bassplayer. As if Kip knew how to stir up Jack's eclectic strenghts.
So I seriously went back into his work. I found a bridge to his second 1971 soloalbum, Harmony Row, because of a few new songversions from that on Vertical's Currency, like Smiles And Grins. I was immediately intrigued by the songstructures and eclectic style. After a wild and sometimes fruityless search (it was the bloody eighties remember?) I had all of his soloalbums explored, but at the same time around 1988 Jack was crimically overlooked and seemed passé.

I couldn't believe it. Luckely he came back and got the respect he widely deserved.
I insist you "meet" him. It's not an easy listen at first, but hey, take your time.
Thanks Jack, for your expression and inspiration.

2014: I Mimic Me, my latest collection arrived in april. I'm not as musical as Jack, let that be clear. He's an example for me. Who am I anyway? I can only be grateful that I can bring them albums out. Submitted a few songs to more internetradio than before. Created some funny vids. Lots of airplay, downloads & streaming again, nice words on blogs, reviews, thanks to the digital world. And thanks to you! So musicians: just stay at home folks and meet new people!

By november I put out a short instrumental album, only exclusively on Jamendo, which also specialises in license music. (backgroundmusic/ multimedia projects) So much stuff up there, take a look:
For Your Pleasure Vol.1  

2014: Same as it ever was. Time to listen? Yeah, I follow a few interesting blogs for the more obscure, artists from the past mostly. The missing pieces in my collection.  
The new 2014 albums? Good to see so many great young, talented and enthousiastic musicians these days learning from the roots. A critical note here. Too much to listen to. So many contests. But just too little to mention, sorry. Guess as you get older, you think you've heard it all, haSo many releases now are so highly acclaimed by some of the press- so the hashtags on their tweets make the stories popular, it's so ridiculous. Especially in the more "o so intellectual thinking" musicscene. Interesting, fresh, hip. Yes, I'm talking indie. No, I'm not an "indie" fan at all. Is it really Indie in Independent? Or in style? Post Rock? Post what? Empty, vague, confusing and hypocritic words. They talk about it all the time, so therefore it becomes commercial. For me the word "Indie" is just as boring mainstream as U2 became! U2? There, where the money goes. Industry sucks.
It's just music, listen to it. Don't talk just head. Same as it ever was.

Jack is one of the main reasons why I love the searching, the craft of songwriting. 
As Joe Cocker sang his heart out: that's the true artist.
And hey, my list of 2014 consist mostly (!) old "boring" veteran musicians with that consistent craft!
One thing they have in common: they don't have to scream to get attention.

Hipster albums of 2014:

Ben Sidran- Blue Camus

You don't have to shout to be cool! This is smooth, intimate, hipster to the core, very organic. 70(!) old  jazzy beatpoet Ben did it again and his son plays the drums. Hooray!

Leo Sidran- Mucho Leo

Talking about his son (aha the only younger hipster here), what a pleasant surpise to hear these warm, subtle songs.

Loudain Wainwright III- Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)

Nothing new, but still fresh with words. Loudon already stole my heart with his painful sense of humor. Typical: sometimes uplifting, but bitchy folksy, melancholic next. Reflective as a mirror.

Herb Alpert- In The Mood

Yes I'm in the mood. It works, if you're in need of some. Production surprises in colourful arrangements. Herb knows and blows: warm, easy, smooth, just too subtle to call it ordinary muzak.

Neil Young- Storytone

Some critics have slaughtered this cheesy album. I think it's his best since I don't know when. More ambituous productionwise (strings like on Harvest). The full strings/ orchestra is such a beautiful contrast to his fragile delivery.

Ben Watt- Hendra
Everything but the boy. Ben creates a haunting, intimate atmosphere. John Martyn comes to mind.          

Jack Bruce- Silver Rails

Needs repeated listens. Jack's personal vision. Worth it.

Neil Finn- Dizzy Heights

Surprised by this atmospheric, trippy sound. Neil tries to lift up the songs, reaching many dizzy heights.

Quoting former post 2013:"And for the sensational background information, here's a few books I've read this year. As usual, mostly sleezy (auto)biographies. Recommended:"

Victor Bockris- Lou Reed
Donald Fagen- Eminent Hipsters
Graham Nash- Wild Tales 
Rod Stewart- Autobio
Tracey Thorn- Bedsit Disco Queen
Steve Martin- Born Standing Up
David Browne- Fire & Rain 1970
David Byrne- Bicycle Diaries
Don Felder- Heaven & Hell
Judy Collins- Sweet Judy Blue Eyes
Keith Richards & James Fox (Contributor) - Life
Paul Stanley- Face The Music A Life Exposed
Ace Frehley- No Regrets
Peter Criss- Makeup to Breakup
Nick Mason- Inside Out
Rob Chapman- A Very Irregular Head Syd Barrett
Harry Shapiro- Jack Bruce Composing Himself

zondag 30 november 2014

Shockpopradio 2014 list

Yes, with that 2013 (stupid)song of mine. Ah, what the heck...

ShockPop play list November 30, 2014
Every Sunday, Noon to 2PM Eastern 
on www.ScrubRadio.com 
Podcast Mixcloud

... wherein we dig mostly 2014 releases! It's been a very good year...

1. ShockPop! - ON THE AIR with Sparkwood!
2. The Penguin Party - I Wanna Be A Cult
3. Dana Countryman - The Summer I Turned Seventeen
4. Ali Ingle - The Locker
5. Alex Highton - Everybody Loves You When You're Dead
6. Dead Heart Bloom - Broken Babylon (edit)
7. 8X8 - Stop The Madman
8. Paul Handyside - Love Lies Elsewhere
9. Paul Butler - She runs with the foxes
10. Captain Wilberforce - Johnny Depp Memorial Cafe
11. Les Bicyclettes de Belsize - Beatnik My Guest
12. The JAC (featuring the Christmas Crew) - Sweet Tooth Ache
13. JoosTVD - Stupid Song(s)
14. mylittlebrother - Lovers of Life, Unite!
15. Expo - Old Friends Don't End
16. The Big I Am - Clothes (Snippet Remix)
17. The Click Beetles - The Changes
18. James M Carson - Money (We Don't Need)
19. Joe Crookston - tuesday morning
20. Identical Suns - Show Me A Sign
21. Dermot - This Moment
22. Dave Caruso - I've Tried To Write You
23. Martin Newell - Ghosts Of Christmas
24. Gordon Weiss - Listening
25. Rick Hromadka - Dreams Of A Hippy Summer
26. Alexander Khodchenko - Children Descend To The Balconies
27. Butch Barnette - Good Hot Cuppa Joe
28. Nine Times Blue - This Time
29. Charley Says - Tabletalk
30. The Squires Of The Subterrain - Dr. Van Der Jagt
31. Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers - Our Dog
 32. Sonofold - The boil is up to you
33. Wim Oudijk - Tree stands tall at Times Square

JoosTVD Tube