vrijdag 8 juni 2018

Just say yes to them Songs

Ok. Fine. Did the work. Did you listen? Of course.
Just say...YES! Thank you.

A whole year just writing songs- and there were a lot of them- always makes you wonder which ones will make it to the finish line. I'm tired, but fulfilled and I ain't gonna stop now..so much to do....I'll just vanish again.
Now, pay attention, let me tell you all about the tunes on "Just Say KNOW".

01.Not Now
A quick and fun one to write, so obviously the first one that motivated me to create a new album again. Upbeat and funky. Fun to dance to. No, not now! Always looking out for the right groove to get me going. A lot of dancing tunes inspired me (especially those from the seventies).

02.The Vanished Romeo
One of my favourite songs of the album. I like the smooth shuffle, jazzy arrangements in the verses and the latin groove of the refrain. Slowly building up a tension. That's a combination that does it for me. A lot of sweat involved here that almost turned into a bloody mess. O Romeo....

What does that mean "Indie" anyway these days. Independent? It's a DIY world already!
Strumming chords can be boring, but this pattern kept me busy, playing for hours.

04.My Cat Is Stoned
A normal cats and dogs day... Cat wants to be a dog and vica versa. I simply wrote this on guitar.
I always try to come up with a fun song that keeps the balance between sad/glad/serious/fun.

The latin infection. Latin stuff keeps creeping into my songs. Why? I love rhythm.
As long there's a melody/hook it's allright I guess. I'm loaded with that. This is a song about friendship and the love involved.

On edge all the time...
That's my songwriting spirit sometimes. A bit more darker/ angrier  than the rest of the album. Good for the balance. Maybe a bit Peter Gabriel (So, Us) influence. I've payed a lot of attention to the dynamics.

I like dancing. Rhythm. Hypnotic beats... If it falls flat it's just what "disco" did at the end of the seventies  and what "house" does today. To me, it's not human, it's too safe, superficial (they all sound the same!), generetically rotten.
Here, I even give you a pulsing beat that evolves into a reggae pattern in the chorus. But don't misunderstand: I just want to dance again.

08.Crest Of A Wave
Bossa style dutchman. I've always admired brazilian music for its subtle, passionate and smooth patterns. Exotic music oozes summer. I'm just an old fashioned melancholic guy here.

09.There's No Sense In Making Sense
Stop making sense! A terrific Talking Heads concert movie said it all. Restless song, but floating. A little experimenting with the rhythm breaking up did the trick.

10.All The Way
The vanished crooner. As we reach the final, an easy-on the ears ballad can do wonders to comfort your soul and mind. All the way.

11.Not Ever
Coda: a dreamy instrumental and a serious contrast to the first (upbeat) song "Not Now". Say NO. Do not give in. Not Now, not ever.

maandag 4 juni 2018

A Drooble review from Bulgaria!

Anyone who is a musician these days roams around the web to find opportunities, like platforms where you can share your music around. I'm no exception. Possibilities. One of the "newer', upcoming platforms is Drooble (you have to log-in though) where I have uploaded a few of my favourites. You can build up a network of listeners, give feedback to other hungry musicians. Earn Karma points. Read here for more information.
Well, as I've earned a few karma points and it came back to me with a nice album review of "Just Say kNOw": 
(and this time no Zappa reference , but Faith No More...)

Bulgarian Dutchman?

JoosTVD want you to Just Say Know to progressive funk

When you are a really competent musician who just wants to have fun, the result is JoosTVD. Just Say Know is 11 songs worth of expertly played, groovy, smooth progressive funk. The project’s style is very interesting and out there, not conforming to traditional songwriting and instrumentation.
There’s a playful mood to the record — there’s a song about one’s cat partaking in weed, for goodness’ sake! But what strikes us most is how much fun JoosTVD is having performing such tricky, jazzy, funky parts. It’s a lovely thing to observe and hear, yet JoosTVD is never comical or goofy.
Just Say Know is clearly a labor of love and that shows through the masterful songwriting, tight performance, and challenging, compelling song structures. This is a progressive project, after all, and the person behind it did one hell of a job!
If you ever wondered how Faith No More may sound if they dialed back the edginess, give Just Say Know a spin.
Horns up: Masterful instrumentation where the musicians play off each other in perfect sync.
Horns down: The vocals might need some getting used to.

Another nicely written review thanks to the Drooble team

zaterdag 2 juni 2018

And another dutch review!

                                                                     It's all about networking I guess.......

This time I've got some welcome feedback from Timpaan Muziek
And again that Zappa reference....

Well, as a dutchman I'm not used getting dutch reviews...

Joost The Vanished Dutchman (JoosTVD) is een multiinstrumentalist en heeft een nieuw album uit, Just say know.
Funky jazzachtige muziek met een onverwacht lage stem doet een beetje aan Frank Zappa denken. Virtuoze loopjes en ingenieuze tegenmelodieën vullen elkaar continue aan. Opener Not now heeft een prima drive. The vanished Romeo doet de mondhoeken onwillekeurig omhoog krullen. Even een korte stijlbreuk met een citaat erin verweven. kortom muziek waar over nagedacht is. Humor zit in deze muziek. My cat is stoned voor de slappe lach. Het beeld dat JoosTVD oproept is zo lachwekkend. Alleen de tekst ‘My cat wants to be a dog‘ al, tranen over de wangen. De referentie aan Frank Zappa is ook hier onmiskenbaar. De humor en absurde teksten en onderwerpen benadrukken dat.
De virtuositeit klinkt wat te gepolijst op dit album. De vraag komt daardoor gelijk op of het al dan niet ‘live’ is ingespeeld of dat er flink gesampled en bijgeschaafd is. En ja, hij heeft het allemaal echt ingespeeld, weten we. Maar die vraag wil je als luisteraar niet in je hoofd hebben zitten. Maakt wel nieuwsgierig naar live-uitvoeringen van de nummers. Het hummen en ‘dabadibedie’ in Gameface nodigt uit tot meedoen. Naar mate het album vordert zijn de liedjes wat inwisselbaar voor elkaar met name Crest of wave en There is no sense in making sense. Het croonende pianonummer All the way is een welkome afwisseling en was een mooie afsluiter geweest. De echte hekkensluiter van het album Not ever komt iets te veel uit de elektronische toetsen, maar maakt het album wel op een goede manier af.
Virtuoos, humoristisch, eigenzinnig en absurd. JoosTVD! Nu een liveband en het clubcircuit in.
Eindoordeel: 8,0

The Vanished....Dutchman
Joost The Vanished Dutchman (JoosTVD) is a multi-instrumentalist and has a new album, Just say know. Funky jazzy music with an unexpected low voice reminds a bit of Frank Zappa. Virtuous loops and ingenious counter-melodies complement each other continuously. Opener Not now has a good drive. The vanished Romeo involuntarily curls up the corners of the mouth. Just a short style break with a quote in it. in short, music that has been thought about. Humor is in this music. My cat is stoned for the limp laugh. The image that JoosTVD evokes is so laughable. Only the text 'My cat wants to be a dog', tears on the cheeks. The reference to Frank Zappa is also unmistakable here. The humor and absurd texts and subjects emphasize that. The virtuosity sounds a bit too polished on this album. As a result, the question arises whether it has been played live or whether it has been sampled and refined. And yes, he has really played it all, we know. But you do not want that question as a listener in your head. Makes you curious about live performances of the songs. The humming and 'dabadibedie' in Gameface invites you to participate. As the album progresses, the songs are exchangeable for each other in particular Crest or wave and There is no sense in making sense. The crowning piano number All the way is a welcome change and was a nice ending. The real hekkensluiter of the album Not ever comes a bit too much from the electronic keys, but makes the album in a good way. Virtuoso, humorous, idiosyncratic and absurd. JoosTVD! Now a live band and the club circuit in.

Final verdict: 8.0 

vrijdag 1 juni 2018

A Doll's Repaint video & Stiffy hips

Hai there! Pfff, it's hot and sweaty up here....I guess it's sticky everywhere in Europe, except for a few welcome showers in between. Just got home from a  much needed holiday in Prague. Beautiful, picturesque city, but the heat, smokers and the tourists were almost too much to bare. I've enjoyed it anyway. Musically as I'm recharging my batteries for the next bunch of songs, I usually use my time to see what's happening with my songs. Luckily I've especially released a few instrumental albums through these last years and even a few of my vocal songs have been used by some fervent videomakers. Now, through my network, some guy/ girl from Dollumentary ("I’m a novice OOAK doll repainter") contacted me via the Reddit community. He/ she liked my songs and voila:

Songs used:
Lovetown Guru
Do It Again
Live It Up

DJ Craig Charles (of BBC6 Funk And Soul Show) put my song "Not Now" on his DJ chartslist + here (whatever that means). All funky, hypnotic songs to move your stiffie hips.
Thanks for playing!

woensdag 23 mei 2018

For Your Pleasure..on Bandcamp

You know Bandcamp, yes? Streamable and fun to use and to discover under and above radar music. Next to my regular JoosTVD profile I have now created a second one: JoosTVD2, his instrumental twin. Already featured as licenses on Jamendo, it's all about spreading these groovy vibes even more. Curious videomakers will surely find something that can fit their tasty frames. Move your pictures.
Get hooked then, oi!

dinsdag 22 mei 2018

Dutch review!

This is the third time, after "Open up My Parachute" (2016) and "Sagitario" (2017), I'll get another welcome review from dutch reviewer, thanks to Fred Pach from Musicworld.
Just short and sweet! Just say wOw.

Dutch multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter JoosTVD (alias of Joost van Dinther) remains productive in his studio, because Just Say Know is his third album in three years. With his new album, JoosTVD builds on the road taken on its previous albums with 11 decent songs, on the cutting edge of funky pop, r & b, often topped with a jazzy sound. It continues to be incredibly cool that he can invent, develop and complete his music projects in his studio. He delivers craftsmanship of international allure for Dutch standards.

De Nederlandse multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter JoosTVD (alias van Joost van Dinther) blijft productief in zijn studio, want Just Say Know is alweer zijn derde album in drie jaar. Met zijn nieuwe album borduurt JoosTVD voort op de op zijn vorige albums ingeslagen weg met 11 degelijke songs, op het snijvlak van funky pop, r&b, veelal overgoten met een jazzy sound. Het blijft razendknap hoe Joost van Dinther zijn muziekprojecten weet te bedenken, te ontwikkelen en in zijn studio af te werken. Hij levert voor Nederlandse begrippen vakwerk van internationale allure.

woensdag 9 mei 2018

Released "Just Say Know" And Where?

Great! "Just Say kNOw" released worldwide, but where to go to? Look around your corner...and pick one:

                                                          7 Digital
                                                                                                                                     Google Music


Constantly updated, so watch this page*!
Don't say I didn't tell ya...

donderdag 3 mei 2018

For Your Pleasure...5

Yes, here's the 5th one in the series just after the 4th. It's for you videomakers, who need a few fitting tunes to enhance their moving pictures. Potential listeners can enjoy the grooves and melodies of course...if you don't like my voice, haha. Couldn't wait for another instrumental album (only released on Jamendo folks!), just before my regular album "Just Say kNOw" comes out (sooner than I think). Really? That makes two instrumental albums en one vocal album in 2018.
No, no, no really... it's all about quality! It's just that I've been kicked around too long by these songs, begging me to let them out. Now you can play them. Need vocals on them tunes? In about week!

                                                                                                  For Your Pleasure Vol.5

donderdag 26 april 2018

The whole album on air

Radio is still important you know. Exposure is far greater than one spotify play by one listener. You can reach far more people. This next radio station has played my last album "Sagitario" all through 2017! Now I've this worldwide premiere, because my new album will be released only two weeks from now. Go to LonelyOakradio Press play at 6 PM tonight (london time, check your timetable). You have the chance to listen to the whole album in the "New Music Show"! 

maandag 23 april 2018

And NOW...

....here is the song for you to download on soundcloud!
Remember to share it with your communities. The whole new album will be available  in about 2 or 3 weeks.

JoosTVD Tube