vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Discography: my guts in words and music

Oké, here's the deal: all my stuff from 1998 up till now.
Music to make you happy or snappy...and some of these you can taste:

1.Now On Cd [1998]

I was working a lot with midi (flexible stuff but not organic), so it's a bit dated ahum

2.Tarts [1999]

Midi combined with more energenic organic instruments. A lot of styles based on grooves.

3.Rub Your Face In It [1999]

More and more organic, very funky and melodic as well.

4.Big Shoes To Fill [2000]

More and more experiments with orchestral soundscapes. Confidence in songwriting.

5.Thanks For Stopping By [2000]

Very varied and tight in style and playing.

6.Colour Me Black Or White [2001]

Concepts about apes and planets? mmmm. Tried narration and instrumentals here. Very groovy.

7.He's Your Buddy [2002]

I like latin, R&B, funk, soul, melodic pop. Well maybe it's because I'm influenced by mayor songwriters like Todd Rundgren, Jimmy Webb, Prince.... I still had a lot to learn, but thanks anyway to the above.

8.That's Me With The Ball [2004]

I was searching for the right groove in every way. Lyricalwise I'm exploring new words here that are more close to me.

9.Gift Shot [2005]

More edge here in the performance and very exotic. Yes latin stuff.
Taste the whole shot!
or listen to "I Want It Back" <a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/gift-shot">I Want It Back by JoosTVD</a>

10.Volumed 10 [2007]

Orchestral influences, a lot of arrangements: experiment with the big sound. I love horns and strings

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/volumed-10">Rhymed by JoosTVD</a>

11.Hé José! [2008]

Songs are getting longer. More instrumental stuff. Still a lot of orchestrations flowing around. Confident songwriting here.
Listen to "Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies" or taste José!

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/hey-jos">Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies by JoosTVD</a>

12.You Know Your Dad [2009]

More direct, but still varied. Found my niche in performance: jazzy, bluesy...

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/you-know-your-dad">You Know Your Dad by JoosTVD</a>

13.When The Left Foot Fits The Right Shoe [2009]

Follows the same pattern. Less instrumental stuff, but more atmosphere.

<a href="http://joostvd.bandcamp.com/album/when-the-left-foot-fits-the-right-shoe">2Gether by JoosTVD</a>

U No Your Dad????

Pardon the double meaning of the title. Funny though....Watch "You Know You're Dead"

Boost! Don't Knock......

Do you see a door up here? wide open..room enough for everybody...
This is just another selfobsessed, narcistic music blog. I can almost hear you think "who in the @#$% are you?" Well you have to read my mind...to find the ego....Ok, because of my dutch stumbling, pardon me english-american mumbling.
Vanished Dutchman? Not quite...listen it's all done in the kitchensink of my house, yes really.
I've got a lot of cooking stuff (singer-songwriter= blues, jazz, latin, popmelodic, funk, R&B bulll..it's just music!) that I wrote these past 30 years to fondle your ears. I won't bother you with the earlier stuff (maybe I'll dare later ha), because of the vintage sound of tapebuzz. Maybe you're interested in some of that. Maybe you have to convince me...that you're a buzzfan.
I'll show you what I've been doing the past 12 years of recording, writing, playing and listening: the things that are still keeping me alive, and...
I'm in the middle of a "struck by lightening" proces of recording another "vanished dutchalbum"
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