vrijdag 22 december 2017

Ok, I did it again!

Once in a while I add one of my songs to a playlist on Spotify and sometimes someone opens his ears for it. This time it was a playlist from Kahsay, a swedish musician, who wrote a few nice words for this song from my 2015 album "Lightning Dutchman". Thank U Kahsay from a fellow musician.

Have a nice weekend every1. Stay humble.....

"I have an collaborative playlist and been promoting that on different occasions and when I scrolled that playlist a song popped out and hit my ears. It' s a dutch songwriter that creates fantastic soundscapes in the area of funk, jazz and soul. I was blown away by the fantastic groove in the song "Don't Do It Again". Give him a listen. He's about to release an album in 2018. I'm looking forward to hear that album."

3-BulletFriday (Don't Do It Again)

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