dinsdag 28 maart 2017

Link up!

Busy working out details on Bandcamp and here's a soundcloud link with a download option of

Happy Pills. Keep a close watch on the release of a another video and the whole album. CU!

zaterdag 25 maart 2017

Happy Pills....Promo

Not that happy? Play this "Happy Pill" and you're happy happy.

A new song for anyone who likes to share a new song with anyone.
From the new 2017 album "Sagitario"
12 arrows included, ready for a kill!

 Happy Pills

So you've finally found a corner
Where the funky moon is shining bright
The happy pill is inside
Sometimes you need the wrong thing to feel allright

Suddenly you feel a hand upon your shoulder
A voice said: "I need a fix my friend"
Here's a happy pill again

Sometimes it's allright to do the wrong thing
Put the nasty bits under the rug and sing

We're all so very happy with a happy pill

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning
The mirror shows a beggar not a king
What happy pills can bring

Sometimes it takes all night to slipp them in
Put the nasty bits under the rug and sing

We're all so very happy with a happy pill

(Lyrics and music JoostVD)

donderdag 16 maart 2017

Show us your new work!

It has just been confirmed that the album is in the distribution process. It takes approximately 4 weeks to appear online, but keep a close watch, some online services are very quick. now i'm gonna take a breeeeeaaak.
Proof! Distribution date confirmed
No pressure. Fingers crossed, legs spread. In the meantime I'll keep you updated if there's any change and as I'm working on some visuals, that tasty promo is on its way too. So now you know.
Now let's see where you have to look at this year and the rest of your life.

The artwork.

The original "selfie" pictures have been chosen from some amateurish mobile phone footage, filmed in the bathroom by yours truly. No. 3 became my ultimate frontcover as I liked the welcome sign in my sort of "I invite you all" atitude and the mirrored spotlight above the "starstrucked" me.



Here's the original for the back cover with mirror reflection:


On the net you can find all kind of photo design editors.
I especially liked the paint department from Lunapic. All kind of echoes of Van Gogh and Kadinsky art that fitted well. Here are a few choices, eyes open or eyes closed:

Close my eyes...
(Starry starry night......) Sagitario!

The title. 

I know it's a bit pretentious...to say Sagittarius, so it became


It's spanish- which sounds so cool- for  (english), boogschutter (dutch). It happens to be my sign. I guess you'll hear a few characteristics of those on the new album. Playful sounding and with the extra bonus of the word siguitario in it. I'll explain in a later blog all bout it.

The final result (or insult).

Well, we've got that title, the art, so here's the design. I was switching between black or white for the background, both choices eventually made it.

Final frontcover result

for disribution purposes only (only one name prohibited)

We've got the frontcover, for the backcover I've chosen the same design but as a whole in contrast.

A few choices

Kadinskish smile

A white background with all the information you need. Now, what does it sound like? Soon...
Final backcover result with songtitles and credits

Next: promo video/song

dinsdag 14 maart 2017

When it goes viral

Quick update: I'm ready for another distribution of my new album. ExciteD! Let you know when and you'll let me know when it goes viral...
Here's an old fave to get in the mood: What Bomb? Story of a failed terrorist.
Featured on Tom Robinson's Saturday Show, his BBC6 mixtape and featured as a Fresh fave goo.gl/EC45PS

Bomb Won't Go Off 

woensdag 1 maart 2017

What's Your Sign?

The Vanished Starman

JoosTVD Tube