zondag 12 februari 2017

Something's cooking!

Hey folks of the good earth! While the snow has covered most of the lowlands here, I've got a few snowballs to throw at ya.
The songs are continiously reviewed by yours truly. Listening sessions on every device I can get my hands on. From crappy monitors of my daughter's pc, the car stereo while trying to drive slowly (failing) or listening to my own comfortable studio sound, it's quite a difficult task to tweak the most- and best sound- out of the ordinary. Warning! I have to keep my ears fresh to notice all the tiny details as I have watched a few audio professionals at work in their own playrooms. Learned so much from these guys, great to have their support. I'm a musician first, just willing to go all the way...by himself..

The Vanished Dutchman 2017
As I've said before, there will be 12 songs. I'm really excited now as I've seen them grow and evolve everyday. All the changes in arrangements that have been coming up....! Typical JoosTVD: groovy popsongs all spiced up with a latinesque, jazzy, rhythm & bluesy sauce.

I guess I'm more at peace and pleased with myself  as before (I know better what to do and what not to now!) as I'm much more confident in my playing and singing and that is saying much.
And then... there are the leftovers. Well they will certainly have a place on the next albums.

Next to the technical side, there's always something needed to stir the curious eyes, like a promo video, artwork. Well those are in the pipeline too. I've been working my ass off.
I also know the title of the album (it's spanish for...) which I will tell in the near future when I'll show you the finished front and backcover cover. These and the promo have their origins in a homevideo shot with my mobile phone. This is the low-budget way as usual.

I'm aiming for a release for april 2017. Soon, soon.

Next: show us the covers and what is it called?

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