maandag 17 april 2017

Attention Pulease!

This post will be updated, constantly.

So I've this record out, thinking, how about some promotion? That's not me, I am just a bloody musician with an "eclectic' taste. So it's not gonna be easy, even though the possibilities are wider and deeper these days. A lot of those hipsters fold (radio stations, blogspots) or change their policies (soundcloud). Luckily a simple google search can help filter the old from the new. (Online) radio is still important. It's a flat digital earth now. You can always pay for a play, but that doesn't count in my opinion. And don't forget the writers. Reviews help spread the news even more!
I've had a few and more songs on Croydon radio in rotation, but they stopped playing "under the radar" artists. Well they stopped. And there are so many......talents. Where to go now...?

So I've sent my music to other online radios and online magazins, because there are so many more!
The list will be endless, I hope.

Timeline (source: mostly twitter, facebook and google):

"Happy Pills" on the local radio (Groningen) 07-04-2017 (listen/ download)

Lonel Oak Radio
The whole album has been played 2 times on the "Full Album show" at 7 p.m western time 17-04-2017. They've showed their appreciation with 4 stars for each song (tweets) and they will played in rotation for 250m days. Thanks! (Los Angeles, USA)

No Depression
Created a nice page for the album over there. It's waiting for a review. Be a journalist and go there.
Don't get depressed.

Scrub Radio
A few (old and new) songs on the air, in rotatio.

Radio 98eins
"Private Scene" on the german  radio. DJ and journalist Nathan Nörgel will review the album later on.

And there's that review

The Shift Radio Show
"Private Scene" on the air. (Burnley, Manchester UK)

Random Radio Podcast Show
30 april: "Happy Pills" on  the air  (Chicago USA)

"Happy Pills and "Private Scene" on the air (Chicago, USA)

"Chameleon Girlfriend" on the local radio (Groningen) 19-05-2017 (listen/ download)

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