zondag 19 juni 2016

Chalky, Chalky, Chalky!

Never thought it would happen, so I totally missed the show last night. Never say never!
A 3-hour prime time show (between 9-12 hours pm) hosted by Tom Robinson. Next to the well-known artisrs/bands, he always plays a few gems from his BBC6 Mixtape too. Lucky me!

Chalky on Tom Robinson's Saturday Show

maandag 13 juni 2016

Chalky on BBC6 Mixtape

Handpicked by the one and only Tom Robinson (2-4-6-8 Motorway), one hour of fresh new songs on his mixtape. Airtime 12 june, 02.00 A.M. (english teatime).

The competition is very fierce each week, so choosing favourites out of 170 tracks must be earbleeding for a radio dj!
The more so a rare treat to be on BBC radio of course. And in the next few weeks, Chalky has a chance to be played again on Tom's Saturday Show. The third song in succession now, after "Bomb Won't Go Off" and "Stupid Song's". Thanks Tom!

Listen/ download Podcast HERE
You can find all the stories/ artists HERE

vrijdag 3 juni 2016

Always welcome: raving reviews

Yes, that's right. Fred Pach wrote this nice, dutch review of my latest songs on Muziekwereld. Glad he did. Let the summer begin!

English; "The album Open Up My Parachute of the Dutch multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter JoosTVD (aka Joost van Dinther, with musical nickname Joost The Vanished Dutchman)) is a notable release because on the one hand a very successful one-man project and by the varied musical character, a mix of r & B, funk, pop and Latin, often still covered with a jazzy twist.We can talk right here from a solo project, as Van Dinther is not only responsible for the lyrics and lyrics, recording, mixing and mastering, but also take all the vocals, guitar and bass, keyboards and percussion for his account in his own studio ! All this leads to a pleasant mix of twelve alternating frequently 'danceable' tracks. This jump for me personally the songs Dancing Dutchman, It's A Struggle Honey and Ha Veda Veda just slightly above the high average level of this album. Open Up My parachute was to my pleasant musical introduction to the work of Joost van Dinther and in my opinion is also a very successful musical project."

Dutch: "Het album Open Up My Parachute van de Nederlandse multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter JoosTVD (alias van Joost van Dinther, met als muzikale bijnaam Joost The Vanished Dutchman)) is een opvallende release vanwege enerzijds een zeer geslaagd eenmansproject en anderzijds door het afwisselend muzikale karakter, een mix van r&b, funk, pop en latin, veelal nog overgoten met een jazzy sausje. We kunnen hier met recht spreken van een soloproject, want Van Dinther is niet alleen verantwoordelijk voor de songteksten en lyrics, opnames, mixing en mastering, maar neemt tevens alle vocalen, gitaar- en baspartijen, keyboards en percussie voor zijn rekening in zijn eigen studio! Dit alles leidt tot een aangename mix van twaalf afwisselende veelal ‘dansbare’ tracks. Hierbij springen wat mij persoonlijk betreft de nummers Dancing Dutchman, It’s A Struggle Honey en Ha Veda Veda nog net iets meer uit boven het gemiddeld hoge niveau van dit album. Open Up My Parachute vormde voor mijn een aangename muzikale kennismaking met het werk van Joost van Dinther en wat mij betreft is dan ook sprake van een zeer geslaagd muzikaal project.."
On Musicmeter
 (original source: Muziekwereld)

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