zaterdag 16 december 2017


So this must be my last blog of 2017 already...! A few last words then about what I've been doing those 12 months.
Guess you have witnessed the silence on this blog lately ("Vanished" remember?), but that will change in 2018 with the release of my new album, that's now almost finished. All the music has been recorded. I have just a few lyrics to complete that will take it to the final mixing and mastering stage. Excited times ahead......

Back to 2017 then.

Vanished in Sicily
- How to vanish...a bit of a relaxation will do. Really enjoyed Sicily (heart of the old maffia monopoly, but with a beautiful  greek scenery), a welcome and much needed vacation to recharch the batteries.

- Happily released another bunch of songs last may. Worked hard on those, but the pleasure and pain was all mine. What? You didn't hear Sagitario ?

Yeah that's the one

Nice reviews and more airplays followed. Also nice to know that a lot of my songs have been used as a license and heard in more instore- video projects. And I don't even have to sell myself or make compromises! No pressure, so it's great to be an organic musician on the digital highway!
By the way, the next one will 2018.

Music I've heard in 2017:

- In between these recording sessions I've listened to a lots of tunes again, like the unavoidable, but loveable reissues of David Bowie, Queen, Doors, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa and quite a few new releases, some I like but in a "nothing really stands out" way (1,2,3):

1.Not bad, Ok..
Roger Waters (still angry, but too much "deja vu" Animals), Curtis Harding (good atmosphere, but totally retro pastiche), Michael McDonald (too heavy, too serious), Leon Russell (post R.I.P., nice arrangements, but too overblown), Neil Finn (organic production, but too lowkey), Stephen Stills & Judy Collins (organic feel, a few nice melodies, but Stills' voice is shot), Bruce Cockburn (intense), Gizmodrome (Copeland dominates, sometimes funny, but his irritating busy drumming spoils it), Todd Rundgren (return to songwriting, but predictable melodies) Santana & The Isley Brothers (Carlos is too much the guest here), Lindsey Buckingham & Christine McVie (better call it Fleetwood Mac without Nicks, what's the-sigh-point?).

Some artists I've admired for (quite) a while and some dissapoint for much too long now:
Beck (what the heck..? reminds me of Bowie goes commercial), Bjork (dork, irritating), Neil Young (songs mediocre again, where is the production?), Robert Plant (vaguelly annoying), Hue & Cry (simply boring).

So what is it that ticks? Groovy, intense, but also melodic, focused, selfreflecting, funny stuff that wiggles my toes.
These albums did that trick this year:

Thundercat - Drunk (hilarious, funky, smooth, funny)

Jamiroquai - Automaton (infectious melodies, funky disco retro circa 1978-1980)

David Crosby - Sky Trails (sophisticated, jazzy, intense, Steely Dan)

Dean Friedman - 12 Songs (SONGwriter, funny, lyrics, eclectic)

Randy Newman - Dark Matter (hilarious, sardonic, funny)

Benjamin Clementine - I Tell A Fly (daring, beautiful, piano, quirky)

Nate Smith- Kinfolk Postcards From Everywhere (organic, soulful jazz)

Books I've read in 2017:

Art Garfunkel- What Is It All But Luminous
Amy C Beal- Carla Bley
Michael Nesmith- Infinite Tuesday An Autobiographical Riff
Jimmy Webb- The Cake And The Rain
John Fogerty - Fortunate Son; My Life, My Music
Michele Kort- Laura Nyro Soul Picnic The Music and Passion
Howard Kaylan- Shell Shocked My Life with the Turtles  Flo and Eddie and Frank Zappa
Phil Collins- Not Dead Yet
Dylan Jones- Mr Mojo Jim Morrison
Maurice White- My Life with EWF
William Shatner- Leonard
Grace Slick- Somebody to Love__ A Rock-And-Roll Memoir
Carol Ann Harris- Storms My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac

Best Movies of 2017:

Get Out
Baby Driver

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