vrijdag 16 oktober 2015

Yes, use my song!

Once in a while I come across "JoosTVD" songs supporting videos on youtube that really take me by surprise. Some of these songs are 10 years old! I've got nothing to do with these promo videos, but it's nice to see what other people add to to what once was an idea popping out of your head and pooring out of your fingers...so a few here to illustrate that.

 Another one on a spanish documentary site: WALK BY THE EXHIBITION 'EXCRETA. AN EXPOSITION

Songs used in the video's are: Bomber Drone, Shark In The Disco, Circus Monkey, Sow Motion Dream, Stupid Song(s), Tweet.

Ps. (alert! commercial intermisssssssion) Need some of my music? I've got two instrumental albums "For Your Pleasure 1 & 2" on Jamendo readymade, waiting to inspire you!

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