woensdag 7 oktober 2015

In The Works

Hai there, Joost has an update. Nothing shocking or to scare you or embarrass myself of I hope... I'm working on it...work to make it work. Ideas pile up every day. It says so on my Twitteraccount. Excitement occures ocassionally. Which ones will end up on the new album? I've already got 9 songs in the pipeline, but far more sketchy ideas, all helping me to focus I guess. As I want this to be a compact one, there'll be no more than 12 of them. More quality, less quantity then? Well if you chew out a full album (say double album) of say about 18 songs, that's a lot to process. It worked more or less with the last one. But especially in the finishing stage, you have to have fresh ears. Less is more! The most fun part for me is to write, record and arrange the songs, but the finishing part (mixing and mastering) is easier to do with less. I'm in the middle of  this mixing process with 9 songs, working more and more on the details than before. Let them breath in an experimental journey.
Is this all neccessairy? Well, I've been around the block writing songs a few times now and I just want to get better you know. Yes I know and you know. Get ready!
In the meantime if you just can't wait, did you know I've come up with another instrumental album on Jamendo? 

Cats don't like to hear about details......

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