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Q & A: JoosTVD vs Orson Nietes

There he is. The guy who has VANISHED, claims to be JoosTVD and IS problably dutch. So why doesn't he come closer? HE CAME BACK and he agreed on this conversation himself. Ok, relax. Be careful what I say now.
But what the...he's trying to vanish through that door....heey...
"heey......wait........HEEY José!"

Q: "Are you THE Vanished Dutchman?"
A: "Mmm, it depends on what to think of me: an artist or a musician? I prefer to be the prolific latter. My main thing is songwriting, trying to develop that with my own hands, heart, mind and soul. There are so many artists who prefer a quick career in the spotlight. So yes, I'd rather be the creative vanished one. Guess I'm a slow burner with a long, strong breath, mostly keeping myself anonymous happy. Too many have vanished from this flath earth already..."

Q: "Well, who is Orson Nietes then?"
A: "We all know Orson Welles, do we?  Nietes (pronounce as NIETUS, it's dutch slang for NOT) is the opposite of Welles (pronounce as WELLUS, it's dutch slang for YES or ABSOLUTELY).
Sometimes we all want the Orson brilliance: to be the talented genius, to have the fame and to find his road to Xanadu, Citizen Kane...What we don't want is the anti-climax that followed and swallowed up his career. The only way to top the top is just the road back down. Is it Welles? Or Nietes? Confusing eej? Talking about the self-obsessed ego, the narcissus in us all and the social media that makes us feel so bloody important. Tweeeeheeet me! I am...
Guess I was and still am fascinated by his lifestory (I like to read detailed biographies) and with a little bit of puzzling and joking I came up with this title ORSON NIETES, which symbolises the overall sense of the new songs. It just sounds funny: Orson Nietussss, Orson Wellussss!
Just to play with the combination of words, the double meanings they can evoke, 24/7, that's my verbal combat".

Q:"Why, o why are there so many songs on this album?"
A: "I just can't help myself. That's not what I had in mind at first. So why not? It's the comfort zone of my musical environment. In the seventies they would call this a double vinyl-they smell better than cdboxes- album. Too expensive, too much indulgement, too long to listen to. Sure, but that's up to the listener. Nowadays, we've got enough space on digi-galaxy, talking terrabytes. You can skip wathever bit/byte you like. I still believe in the whole concept of a finished album, just like a book.
A lot of these tunes took form whenever I was in a joyful, free mood. Sometimes I had so much confidence and bursts of positive energy and maybe paradoxially-especially after my father died (sept.2010)- I had to let it go, let it out! And I'm glad I did. Thanks to the strength of daddy, I guess.
So much inspiration I didn't expect occured, that it became an addiction you just wanted to dwell on to.
And sometimes I fell into a big black hole of human doubt. The crazy thing is, that these songs are mostly very UP. I mean, they- hopefully- will not depress you".

Q: "What do you do exactly on this album?"
A: "As I said before, I am not the greatest player around. The high standard of today playing provides for great organic sounding soundloops, samples and effects though. I used to play it all basically, tried MIDI, but what I CAN play is not the standard that I hear in my head. Especially the drums. Apart from orchestral stuff and woodwinds (although I have to adjust, fit them in the songs), I play the rest mostly myself, like keyboards (electric & acoustic piano), organ, guitars, bass & percussion. For the singing, well, I do the best I can, I am sort of a struggling belter, not even fit for all the styles I do, but slowly, slowly, I'm getting somewhere. Recording I do with an instinct feel. At the moment I'm in the middle of working out the last finesses".

Q: "So where are the songs, are they already vanished?"
A: "Ha ha, totally! No, shall I play them for ya to prove it?
Well, the first thing that I'll do is, I'm gonna use the digital platforms that can spread these songs all over www, so you can buy (ha ha, ahum, I'm not interested in the commercial side of it, just the distribution-spreading the word-side of it). I will also release it as a stream and download on this blog, soundcloud and.. for FREE. And when you play them for the first time, a songguide on this blog may take you through the looking glass to Alice's magical Wonderland!
Poeh, strong stuff......
A=Q: Now I have a question: are there any more questions?"

Q=A: "No, that's enough for now you chatterbox you, pffff, I gotta pee".
A: "Allrighty then mate, me too!

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