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From Jamedo, music platform:

Carybe, Portugal :
You know what?... funk yourself.
Let me tell you... music, is a very serious thing... right?... but, there's nothing in the book that says it can't be fun... or even funny. In fact, I believe that it even benefits a whole lot, when musicians are having fun while doing it. And to those who may be inclined to think that "playing with music" is just a subterfuge, think better... remember, before you can even think about making whatever stunts, the simplest they may appear to be, you have necessarily to learn a lot of other basic stuff... and there are no shortcuts. Sure this album, transpires a lot of fun... but it breathes quality and know how all over. It's... an extended, but overall gratifying... funky based production, leaded by an excellent performer, with a voice full of personality and a full bodied singing, replete of irony and good spirit. The music is quite addictive and sounds generally super well... and if at this point and by any chance, you still have at least, the slightest temptation, of thinking that this funky stuff ain't serious music, then... most probably... you are in a desperate need situation, of being funked... and funked real good.
Communication is, in fact, a complicated thing... words, sometimes, develop such strong roots in some rough ground, that pull out some other possible meanings and applications or even associations, can be a very hard task... so it happens within the world of music, necessarily as a communication vehicle. I'm convinced that, quite often, the most effective way to mark and transmit a serious point of view, is to joke with and about it, for instance.
However, this basically sums it up. :wink:
Thanks for the music... and stay well. :thumbup:

piano de la tour;
SuperFantastic...this album...and all productins. HI from italy.

Oh Baby... You Tickled MY Body & Funny Bone.... & Made Me Feel < Hot, Sexy & Sensitive... & Great All Over.. Inside & Out..Wickedly Wild & Soul Filled, Jazzy, Pop,Fusion Music.
Haha and a massive big smile...kick of your shoes and chill to the listening to... this, so much fun,filled, charisma.carnival stylish,greatly humbling fantastic, kick ass. groovy, soul filled, poppy,jazzy,funky album. with superb vocals..and great lyrics. to make your feet itch and to want to get up and dance this album away..

with exceptional musicians and performances one after the other and songs..that will instantly make you want to listen to them over and over again...Direct favourite in ipod this one..

 After listening to the album I add for my playlist the track "Leak" ... great music, good for background listening when i'm working ... impossible to get stressed! I'm from Brazil and this song reminds me bossanova. Great Album, congratulations!

Absolutely Satyrical!
It has been a long time since anyone has taken potshots at the events of the world, and all the little things that happen within a persons day. JoosTVD has picked up, somewhat, where Frank Zappa left off. Perhaps not with the music end, but lyrical content is a definate hoot! My favorites are Alice Tea and Tweet. I like the change from past efforts!

I am always sorry for the artists that you can't buy their albums in a store. You can find a lot of albums here which are much better tham some of the albums you can buy.
This album is one of them.
I am really sorry that there is a lack of good taste in this society today.
But keep on making good music. I love it and I am glad that i found
I always find albums or songs that entertain me more than Lady Gaga or the whole mainstream music.

Fine album, fine songs, fine arraments, fine players... Also fine lyrics.
So what's wrong? Nothing, except that the Vanished Dutchman is just here (ok this is a fine place!), and Ricky Martin, Lady Gaga and RWilliams are everywhere.
Thanks again.


I love this funky album. Great music and great lyrics, and amazing sound quality. It's like medicine for the soul! Makes me feel good.

I like it, it's different and very professionel played and also funny! Maybe little bit of Frank Zappa!

Very fresh and sympatic music..!!! Congratulations to the artist..!!!

ein humor volles und kreatives album.die instrumente setzen sich in ein chaotischen klanggefüge die allesamt passen.der track My Sweet Spanish Drama.. gefällt mir sehr.ein gut produktives album.

... e questo sia concesso almeno in campo musicale, se in campo sociale sembra impossibile.
Qui di fantasia ce n'è tanta, insieme ad un humor che trasuda dalle note.
In tempi ormai lontani ho studiato Francese. L'Inglese non lo mastico per nulla:ed è un peccato, perché immagino che per ironia e fantasia i testi debbano tenere lo stesso passo della musica.
(and this is granted at least in music, if it seems impossible in the social field. Here there's plenty of fantasy, along with a humor that exudes from your notes.
In days gone by I studied French. The English do not chew on anything and it's a shame, because I imagine that for irony and fantasy texts should keep the same pace of the music)

Very creative work. Components of rhythmic funk and jazz, mix in a very interesting way. The vocal with a humorous twist, coupled with unusual sounds, enjoy the beholder. The movements are nice and well built. Very good.

Manchmal muss es einfach mal wieder sein, dann braucht auch der bluesgestählte Pfaffe ein wenig Spaß in der Musik. Aber das nicht so, dass es einfach albern wird. Sondern dann suche ich Platten, die mir ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern und mich einfach intelligent unterhalten.

"Orson Nietes" macht es einem in der Beziehung leicht. Locker funkig perlen die Songs dahin. Die Gitarre treibt das ganze mit teils abenteuerlichen Solos voran. Und manchmal fühle ich mich direkt an die großen Zeiten von Steely Dan erinnert. Nur die haben es sonst so drauf gehabt, Jazz-Intelligenz mit Pop-Appeal zu versöhnen. Nur dann geht mit dem Künstler dann doch immer mal wieder der Schalk durch und löst das ganze in befreiendes Gelächter auf. - Das ist wahrscheinlich der Punkt, der nicht nur mich an den seligen Zappa erinnert, diese Kombination aus trockenem Humor und musikalischer Rafinesse.

"Orson Nietes" ist so von vorn bis hinten durch alle 24 Titel (und über 70 Minuten) eine große Unterhaltung auf höchstem Niveau. Und wie gesagt: tanzbar von vorn bis hinten ohne Risiken und Nebenwirkungen. Meine Empfehlung lautet daher: Runteladen und weiterempfehlen!

24/09/11 hier das Motto. Ein Streifzug durch alle möglichen Stilrichtungen mit einem Augenzwinkern und der dazugerörigen Portion Spaß, Humor und Frechheit dargeboten mit hoher musikalischer Kompetenz.
Natürlich sind zappa-eske Einflüsse hörbar ohne den Eindruck einer Kopie zu vermitteln, und das ist gut so.

Myślę, że godny uwagi choćby przez to, że ... dobrze nastraja i czasem bawi słuchacza ];)
(Ik denk dat zelfs vermeld, omdat zij ... good tunes, en soms speelt met de luisteraar];), that noticed, good tunes, they play with the listener)

merci pour le partage : très fort et très agréable , cette pop faussement légère : comme du Kevin Ayers funky ? ou du little feat jazzy ? Non du Bigshoes?
extra !
(thank you for sharing: very strong and pleasant, this deceptively slight pop: like Kevin Ayers funky? or jazzy little feat? Not the Bigshoes?)

Very cool album indeed.
Orson Nietes is an album filled with perkiness and funky peppiness. JoosTVD clearly shows innovative approaches to music and the anarchic madness of this album actually portrays a great cohesive piece of work. It is a wonderfully inventive "popourri" of tongue-in-cheek medleys and a delight to the ears.

Art Owens
Fun album to listen To.

Hey you are the new Frank Zappa! Very very nice album! I'll listen to it better because it worths it especially about the lyrics!

Good evening,
Thanks for the link. I listened to the album the whole way through and I must admit it is very good! Funky, fresh, and a joy to listen to. I will write a review for my blog
and be sure to post one on the album site as well.
All the best,


lele rambelli
Bella musica suonata e cantata da un artista eclettico e versatile, che sa spaziare con padronanza e disinvoltura fra diversi generi, ma sempre all' insegna del groove!
E' una musica ricca di piacevoli sorprese, per di più valorizzata da una bellissima voce...
Da ascoltare, perchè merita!
(Beautiful music played and sung by an eclectic and versatile artist, who can roam with mastery and confidence between different genres, but always to 'teach the groove!
It 'a music full of pleasant surprises, more enhanced by a beautiful voice ...
To listen to, because it deserves!)

Tibiditibiditibidi tum:)


I just love this album. Great energy and humor, a solid effort.
Nice work,

OH OH OH !!! C'est tout bonnement excellent. Mille merci pour tout BIGSHOES. C'est graver et ça passe en boucle dans ma sono. A bientôt.
OH OH OH! Dit is gewoon uitstekend. Duizend dank u voor alle BIGSHOES. Het is het branden en het gaat in een lus in mijn geluidsinstallatie. Tot ziens.

I honestly believe that this is probably one of the best albums released in 2011, not just on Jamendo, but anywhere. The songs take on several different moods and styles, and takes you on a musical joyride. I would recommend it to anybody.

From Vivat, blog:

Great album ,fusion of many styles,rock,groove,latin,jazz.Nice vocals.
FREE DOWNLOAD with only your e-mail address or give what you want for the artist,for his work and his music.Thanks to him.

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