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Orson Nietes: The songguide

For those who want to to know everything, nothing spicy, shocking or special Murdochish up here........but take a deeper look into my humble kitchen sink an take a trip into the deep. The process of creating something from nothing is only possible when I let myself go. Doing it immediately from the void! So much fun I had! And sorry soundengineers, I ain't one, the sound had to be a big blasting powerhouse. I guess you would do a more professional thing here. Thanks to all of you that have listened this last year, your feedback has made my self-confidence (Orson Nietes) grow a little bit more. Already teased the hungry listener with the first 11 tracks on bandcamp. And now finally,  I bring you these 24 stories, doing it like it's a full blown double vinyl album, my 15th album: (hey pssss...GRAB´s over there, somewhere on the's the "lite"version for now)                                                                                                                     
                                                        01.Back In The Race
Sort of  a comeback song isn't it? No, it isn't. Well, that pushy drive (banging out on the piano) got me to these competetive words. A little edgy (rock energy). I wanted a full, organic bandfeel. For me this had to be the opener.  

02.Bigger Things
Had a lot of ideas floating around, some didn't immediately fit. Two of them I melted into a bigger one. Just sing along and feel happy, think BIG.             


                                                                                                                             03.Alice Tea 
Goofy humor? A trippy LST or LSD song with a lot of Chaplin Slapstick to set that goofy mood.  Sugar your tea honey. Aktion- reaction effects from the soundlibrary and yours truly.    

 Yes, it's about leaking in general and it's about those wiki revelations, that won't go away. Gimme some truth. I'm especially fond of the combination of melody and chords,  so I kept it very direct and simple.                                          

                                                          05.Suits In A Building
 Elevator blues! Stuck in slowfunk. It started with a piano pattern. I doubled      different bass parts to make it more pulsing funky. 


I'll show you! Rock'n troll pastiche. Quick, Short ditty on the piano. Had a lot a fun with myself, but only 1.19 minutes, ha.                                                             


I had to write this.....
poor birdy...retweet  


I really got it going. Wrote all these crazy songs very quickly! (Alice Tea, Tweet, Showking). It's good to puke sometimes. Karmacleaning. Man, I had too much energy, I had to....                                                                           

                                                                              09.Bill Withus

To keep things fresh, I often switch between guitar and  piano when I write. It started with this breaky melodic intro. All instinct, funky, groovy fingers hammering on the keys, basically around G7. "Hey Bill, are you with us?" The music busines vs Bill Withers. Very talented man, not taken seriously by these A&R guys. Well, watch the documentary... Hope you like it Bill (although he'll probably never hear it).  

10.Climb Another Hill
You can relax now. Variation in mood, tempo and theme right here. Basically a lovesong for the desperate ones, written and played on the piano, yours truly.       

        11.My Sweet Spanish Drama 
I love spanish flicks and although I've never been there before, I feel something matadoresque bullying in my blood, si, si. I was in a flamenco mood.    

Don't Stop now! (In the old days my turntable would repeat itself, scratching the vinyl at the end, so I had to flip it over to the other side, try to do that with your device!)

                                                                                                                                        12.Citizen Able

"Started at the top, worked my way down", he said. This song tries to do the opposite. With a smooth latin beat I worked myself up.                                                                                                                        

A sober approach, intimate atmosphere contrasts with the first half of the album. I always try to vary with tempo, style, just to keep myself on my toes. A personal favourite. So revealing.                     


                                                                            14.Jazz Off
"I do not play jazz", Miles said, just to get those jazzpurists reaching for their guns.. It's all music in the end man, and we all hear it in our own way . I love it when musicians reach out, explore something they haven't done before. There is nothing new up here, but I'm always fascinated by hypnotic, repeated patterns or rhythms. I tried to sing unusual, different melodies on top of that (listen: Talking Heads- Remain In Light [1980].                                                                                                                                       

JoosTVD does a poppy one. Well, everything I do has got to have some sort of a melody. This I did on piano, quickly writing itself.    

Siesta! My sweet spanish drama under Mexican hideaways.                                                                           
                                                                                17.Sugar Tune

Something that's hard for me to do sometimes (sorry mom and the rest), so I write about it: a lighten up-live a little-song. Soft melodic one, written on the piano. Lost my teeth in there..                                                            

18.Mermaids In Bloom

The girl is growing up, finding her own feet.
You know who you are...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  19.Entre Nous                                                                                                       
Instrumental, consisting of two seperate pieces I had other plans with orignally. Found them interesting enough to melt together. But keep it "between us".                                                                                                      

20.Has To Be
I'm a big fan of blue-eyed soul, (I think black music is rhythmically more subtle) but offcours I'm just a plain, stiff euro-celtic. It has to be this way....                                                                                                                                                                                               21.Overdrive        
At first I had this slow pianoballad version, but decided to change the tempo. The result: I combined those two. I love to play these chords on piano.                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                           22.Flag Of The World              

Think about that, mmm.......a dream......utopian music?                                                                                                                                           

Mucho-Macho-Macheato. it was a combination of words, chords and the "Riders On The Storm" inspired Bass-pattern that made this fun to write.

24.Dad Waltz (The Song He Gave Me)
Basically me, touching strings. Heard it on his funural....

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