woensdag 11 april 2018

Sent away to the shops!

Yep! As you can see, officially 9 may 2018. AMAdea, who handles the distribution, notes:
"It takes from 3 weeks minimum, to 7 weeks maximum to get it up and selling, once you've given us ALL the info we need. (Usually 4 weeks) Once we send it to them, it's out of our hands and they do what they can to get it imported and active in their service. We push them to get it added as soon as possible, and they always do it as soon as they can."

Proof. Can I get a witness?

I'm glad. At first I was worried that something wasn't right. OMG western problems.

Done it again. Worked like a dog. I've finally decided to send my fresh babies away. Why? Because I like them too much!
Yes, I've got a good, strong feeling about these songs. More than ever I took special care to every aspect of the production process (inspiration, songwriting, playing, recording, mixing, mastering).
I think these tunes are a upbeat, sinister, melancholic, desperate but overall fun and groovy bunch, just like me. Ok, sometimes.

After a long, long ping-pong process (the details) of mixing and mastering that is. That was a very intense 3 months period, but I'm glad I didn't overrush things. These songs needed some breathing and I needed some distance from them once in a while. But now it's time I let you enjoy my new grooves.

Well on the distribution side, that will be taken care of by AMAdea (after approval) and it will take about 3 or 4 weeks to hear the album on Spotify and the like. There are so many streaming sites today, so take your pick.

I'll send a few free download links (Bandcamp) to a few of my supporters too, so maybe a few reviews will come up before the official release in may.
Watch this site for more details, news about the design, covers, promo and tell me..what about a title and.... Soon, stay stuned. Promo coming at ya!

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