zondag 22 april 2018

For Your Pleasure....4

Next to my regular (vocal) albums, I've always got a few other fitting tunes to offer as a license. To use as background music for example. Jamendo is a wellknown platform for this with a world-wide network.
This album consists only existing songs from "Lightning Dutchman [2015]", remixed and remastered only as instrumental tracks. Vol 5 and ... 6... will be next...this year.

4th (mostly all) instrumental album only available on Jamendo. Especially for those who need some supporting music (videomakers and advertising folks) to promote their stuff. Your images will never sound better! The songs have a streetvibe in them with the familiar themes, like danger, paranoia, crowded, fighting, busy. You can expect a lot of irresitable grooves (latinesque, funky) and tuneful melodies on top of them. 

                                                        For Your Pleasure Vol.4 [2018]

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