maandag 22 januari 2018

Mixed Up

So...I'm in the middle of these final mixes. Thoughts are racing all the time: "don't mess with a good thing!" The choices I've made are more or less definite. I mean, the intensity and the emotions (FEEL) of the "first take" makes it mostly the best one to go for. Both the organic energy and the freshness of a new song motivates that. Sure there are the unavoidable overdubs and edits to be done later (only in case if there are disruptive mistakes, all in the name of smoothing it all out).
I've got a lot of ideas while arranging and recording a song. Those filling intervals, melodies come from the piano mostly. Some even counterpoint perfectly with eachother. And sometimes you have to choose, wipe away what's getting in the way.
Every song has got its own personal handling of course. After a few weeks of self-imposed distance I've listened again with "new" ears. Aha. Yes, that distance helps to be more objective about the sound, especially if you work alone (!). Watched a few youtube tutorials of generous sound engineers again to learn more about their professional mixing methods. Let's get it on.

My method? The "meth" method.

 Ok, I need some more distance perhaps haha....CU!

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