donderdag 1 september 2016

For Your Pleasure Vol.3

The summer fever is blowing my top!

Inbetween regular albums I also keep myself busy with compiling instrumental stuff from the past.
The goal is to reach out to all of those multi-media projects that are flowing around, waiting for a soundbit to cheer them up.
It has become some kind of a tradtion, hence the addition of volume 3 in the title, which was originally inspired by my favourite album by Roxy Music.
For me an opportunity to rework/ revisit old ideas, some with, some without vocals. Some I only had to remaster. This time I even went back as far as the year 2000. Both "Master Of Mystery" and "Blackout" are from the never before released (online that is) "Thanks For Stopping By" album of that year, so these are the original versions with only a finishing remaster touch. Some have never been released instrumentals that originally were planned for vocal versions (recorded between 2002-2009), like "Funk Da Junk", "Low On Da Flow" and "Sniff Da Riff", a threesome locked together by the word "Da".
Really relaxing fun for me to do something different productionwise, because at the same time I can recharge my batteries for the new stuff, that need to breath, need nursing and motivation to finish them (off). I'm in the "I need lyrics" phase now.

Snippets of the regular, official albums

By the way, I have tons of recordings waiting for a place on the web, also more newer stuff for the next volume 4, 5, 6 amd what the heck, 7, 8, 9....

These instrumental albums I only share on Jamendo, where various stuff has already been picked up by a few videomakers for their projects.

So, what does it sound like?

Well search for tags like:
trippy, groovy, sexy, funky, orchestral, busy, cool, mellow, intense, cinematic, funny, carnavalesque, dreamy, smooth, dancable, freaky, fast, hyper, hypnotic, circuslike, latinesque, melodic, fustrating.......

So there they are:

                                                                      For Your Pleasure Vol.3

                                                                       For Your Pleasure Vol.2
                                                                         For Your Pleasure Vol.1

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