woensdag 3 augustus 2016

Vanish, You Dutchman!

Hai there folks on the world wide web, how you're all doing? It's been a while and that feels good. That last TVD album sure did stir a few ears, so I'm really enjoying the afterglow.
Well, you have to dissapear once in a while, don't you? Vanish you dutchman!
Take a deep breath of fresh air. The summer breeze helps to relax, it sure feels good.

But I'm a restless soul....

I've got an instrumental album in the can (For Your Pleasure Vol.3. Not sure when it will be finished, but I've got more than enough to fill more than  one album.

Yes this is the first one...
.... and here's the second one

To take the time off of the whole process of songwriting, playing, recording and all the the usual bullshit and excitement of finishing an album, I usually start all over again....uhh don't help me... yes... addiction no.1.
To take my time off, I take my time off.

Of course I sleep...eat...sit down, talk with the wife, enjoying daily life with the kids (they grow up so fast!). For the needed stimulation of writing songs, especially lyrics, I watch Hollywoodfree european, eastern movies and follow TV series


(for example Mr.Robot, The Walking Dead, Fargo, House Of Cards), I read biographies about...Nilsson. It's all about fun and excitement to get in the right frame of mind. To vanish gracefully.

For aspiring songwriters especially

Not a day goes by without touching a few strings or hitting some black or white keys. I often (try to) play songs of the famous american songbook (Nat king cole, Gershwin, Porter) next to the usual pop standard fare. Educational. There's the constant stream of possible ideas floating in and out, so I've got about 10 contenders (recorded, arranged) for the new album. There will be more. One is instrumental and two have already vocals. The rest needs lyrics. That's the tricky part that sometimes needs more room to grow to find the right words. I need the distance for reflection. When I've got the melody I usually start singing spontanuously, expressing blablanana nonsense vowels, that often help to find the fitting words.

And so it goes. CU!

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