dinsdag 8 juli 2014


1.Hey José, where the hell have you been? 
2.Where is that tribute video of Lou Lou you've been promising since don't know when?

1.Relaxing in the backgarden thinking about what to do with that bonus

Ok, sometimes I'm so deep down digging in my musical cave, I don't even know where the entrance was. Too pre-occupied with the nice moments of inspiration maybe, but on the other hand I am a compassionate familyman for the full 101%.
So to answer those obvious questions:
1. I'm "always" writing, playing, noodling, even at night, a burst of silent energy has to be written down in words. Kicks all around! The new music is very groovy, funky, slick and dirty, I can't stop this hypnosis.
I can relax a bit. See picture: a few weeks back I found out I've earned a "few" bucks on licenses at Jamendo. More than I could have imagined!
Since I've been distributing my music on Jamendo, a lot of people have listened to my stuff and even more effectively, have used it as background music for their benefit, like public places, projects, restaurants and more.

It's about being played. Streaming is not that profitable now for artists maybe, but it will, because more and more people do that. Downloading (piracy, iTunes) is outa here!
Radioplays are the best way reach more people. As you know Croydon radio (suburb London) has been playing my songs (playlisted) almost every week since the beginning of 2013. (Brouhaha, Stupid Song(s), The Route Through The Quiet Jungle, Talkwalk, Trip Together, The Root Of My Belly, Alice Tea, I See You, Cowboy On The Moon, Social Suicide have been played on various radioshows). Here's the list of the most played 499 artists on Croydon (I am on number 10!)
Croydon most played all time

2.Try to make a nice fitting video, well it's a difficult thing to do that yourself as an amateur. Even though I'm not a professional with the best movie editing skills, I can still see all those nice little drawings I spontaniously scribbled down (Scribbles) a few months ago, come together more and more as I flesh out all the tiny, little details in those moving frames. All it needs a bit more time and... time is the healer.

2.boy from that promised video
And now.....listen and enjoy:

JoosTVD- Velvet Shoes on soundcloud 

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