woensdag 4 juni 2014

Now what? Sketches of Lou Lou

Quick update...
Hey, folks from the other side! Just came back from a trip to Madrid. A beautiful place if you like art and cities that go on 24/7. I surely needed some distance from my music room. Needed a dose of fresh inspiration.
You all may think: he's obsessed with that Lou Reed. Noooo! Well a little maybe.
I wrote a tribute song (Velvet Shoes) and from there the story went even further. It started out with some spontanious drawing, some sketches that gave me an idea for a video. The colouring I did online with a nice photo editor, Picmonkey
Finish what you started they always say (at least my mom and dad did).
I studied some famous and some unfamiliar "street" pictures of Lou, just to creep inside his character. It's a lot of hard and difficult work for an amateur, because smooth framing and perfect timing those pictures with the flow of the music, eats away concentration and drives you crazy, so you have to stop in time. These are some examples of the portrets I'll be using. Hope you like!
In the meantime, I'm in the middle of the crossroads. I mean, which way José with the songwriting? I've got lots of nice ideas, but I don't know which will work best, especially for my limited voice. Some are very humorous, some are sad. I like both directions though, so now what? Don't push, let it flow, walk on boy......CU!

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