vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Autobiographies, bad albums(?), Youtube Topics

                                                                                    The Root Of My Belly

Hai there, fellow world citizens, hope you're all doing well......even when the ups seem to be going down, there's always music to comfort you in all in its mysterious ways. Since I don't know when, I've been enjoying that magical mystery of discovering new or old sounds. And when I'm hooked, I want to hear the whole story (also the really "bad" albums that artists have put out, they are there for a reason!). I also read a lot about the background of an artist/band and about the specific period when they had their thrills and frills. More mystery, curiosty kills the cat! Details about their spent youth I find mostly boring though, but that's the unavoidable, cliché part of biographies. As is the road to hell and back (drugs, more drugs, meditation, fame, goeroes, religion, good or bad music and more drugs), but I also find this a fascinating and welcome treat.
A different approach to this, Ray Davies did with his X-Ray book. Almost in a Wellesian thriller-like surreal way, he reflects back on his life. Excellent.
Sometimes the most narcistic auto-bios are the most fun to read, like the ones from the ex-members of KISS (no, I'm not a fan, just curious), Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Talking about the typical sex, drugs rollercoaster stories and how they reflect back on their masks and..... lizzard-tongue Gene Simmons haha. Yes, some of those life lessons you just don't want to try out at home!

                                                                                       Vanished Dutchmen

Youtube is growing in numbers and in songs. Any prolific artist/band has got a "topic" there, generating all the stuff relating to your own favourites for easy access. Great when you're just reading another biography of Zappa, Townshend, Barrett and the like, you can create a fitting biography playlist to set the mysterious mood...

I will not write a biography of this vanished dutchman, no. I did not do drugs, banged the other man's wife or trashed the occasional hotel room, or did I? When I was young and o-so selfimportant brash, it was the grey, boring and fricking Eighties man! I'm so neat.....
But... JoosTVD has got few vids up there on Youtube (JoosTVD Topic), some have been uploaded by me from my own JoosTVD official (this is the stuff for biography-philes to find out about TVD), but a lot by one of my distribution labels iMusician. You can subscibe to different channels (pop, urban, rock, etc) up there. As common with all stream platforms, it's just another fun way to create personal playlists within a few clicks. So all my favourite artist are up there as "Topics".
The same is happening on facebook by the way, here's my topic of That Vanished Jojo. It's all generated by different sources and the listening behaviour of the curious ones.
Still, with all this accessibility, I will not, ever, give away my vinyl, cassettes, singles, cds, self-build racks, it's my life, you're talking about here, man!
So gather all your favourites and read some, I'm going back to my favourite drug....Bye, buy!


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