donderdag 20 maart 2014

New album 2014: I Mimic Me

What time is it? Yes exactly time for a brand new TVD album!
Routenote has approved the album so distribution is on its way. 
I'm so excited about the songs!

Now keep your/my fingers crossed..... Still 4 to 6 weeks to go though, but iTunes & Spotify are fast, so check them and tell me!

In the meantime, here are the covers:

                                        About the Title I Mimic Me

Narcistic as hell that title. It sounds fun to me. "I do Lou Reed better than anyone" Lou Reed confessed to a crowd once. Well in my case, when you reach a sudden age (?), you've come full circle. You learn to accept what you've become (pros & negs) on your own level.

So on the frontcover there's a little me, about 10 years old, in a rare state of relaxing, grinning shyly and there's the grown-up old farty me, trying more or less, but fail to mimic the younger me. Mmmm...


As you can see, 13 songs (+ song 14 is the instrumental promo version of song 1) again, just like last time. Yes, I've got lots of more songs in the bag, but these are chosen as the best buy.

Btw, I also got a few funny vids in the making for ya, so...

.... next time:  Teaser "I Mimic Me" 2014

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