zaterdag 15 februari 2014

And Another favourites album

Sort of an alternative of the previous one, these are some of my personal faves. An addition to Sin Pan Alley for the new potentional  listener or the nostalgic one. It's only on Amazon, which has an option to sell your products and that gave me the idea of this compilation part 2.

The real new album wants to come out, but there are a few "minor" details getting in the way, like balancing out the mix, vocals pitching...aaahhrrggh. Got my ears focused.
But I'm very excited about the new stuff and with distribution time, I'll expect a spring release. I'll keep you posted ASAP. Got a nice little promo in the near future for ya too.
Meanwhile, why don't ya take a listen? Just Think Pan Alley!

Think Pan Alley (Favourites) on Amazon

Thank U, bye buy!

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