woensdag 15 mei 2013

A new baby

Hai there music lovers! Here's another update. Just finished the mastering & the mixing of the new baby, The Ballooning Brouhaha, my 17th album (9th digital). The most difficult thing to do for me is mastering, but after a lot of working out the last details of the sounds, I'm ready now to deliver. I'm really glad that the working process didn't took that long as the previous album. I guess I got used to the fixed idea of making those big double albums (just like Zappa did), with as much songs as I could fit on them. I always write more, so there's always a melody floating around somewhere on my harddrive. Maybe I'm just obsessed with writing.
This time I've chosen to take just 13 songs that- I think- represent me in the most convincing way thusfar. A really gratifying experience for me. So this afternoon I took the distribution road again, on the digital highway. Routenote will hopefully release this one (my fourth one for them) in a couple of weeks so you can stream it on Spotify. I hope you'll dance, cry, laugh and sing along with it!
If they give it the green light, I'll show you a little promo video. And next, you can expect the covers, the songlist, the process, the guestlist (only one), what can be more on your wishlist? I know something, a balloon!

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