donderdag 31 januari 2013

Take a free ride, give us a tip then!

In the middle of songwriting, recording, exploring ideas, I am always looking for new platforms to spread my works on. Grateful for those ingenious guys who put a lot of work in creating them! I found one, called Noisetrade that's very professional, easy to work with. A lot different options for musicians. Listeners can download all 8 albums I've digitized so far and- just like a waiter- you can leave a tip to support the good why don't you try it out? (I know, there's a "grabbelton" up here, so why bother to go up there?)
And yes, I am working on some new stuff all the time. A lot of ideas I record right away, but as I get older, I'm becoming increasingly critical of the outcome. I just want the best songs to survive. But hey, I am just a creative, but mortal human being with these fustrating limitations. So what I really appreciate is the moral support, the feedback that is so important to keep me motivated, so don't hesitate, keep in touch!
Here are some cool platforms for ya (the list keeps growing):

Tip me on Noisetrade
Try me on soundcloud
Stream on Spotify
Routenote follow me....I'm also on Twitter under the name
Arthur Lokeend (free translation of my last album)

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