vrijdag 1 juni 2018

A Doll's Repaint video & Stiffy hips

Hai there! Pfff, it's hot and sweaty up here....I guess it's sticky everywhere in Europe, except for a few welcome showers in between. Just got home from a  much needed holiday in Prague. Beautiful, picturesque city, but the heat, smokers and the tourists were almost too much to bare. I've enjoyed it anyway. Musically as I'm recharging my batteries for the next bunch of songs, I usually use my time to see what's happening with my songs. Luckily I've especially released a few instrumental albums through these last years and even a few of my vocal songs have been used by some fervent videomakers. Now, through my network, some guy/ girl from Dollumentary ("I’m a novice OOAK doll repainter") contacted me via the Reddit community. He/ she liked my songs and voila:

Songs used:
Lovetown Guru
Do It Again
Live It Up

DJ Craig Charles (of BBC6 Funk And Soul Show) put my song "Not Now" on his DJ chartslist + here (whatever that means). All funky, hypnotic songs to move your stiffie hips.
Thanks for playing!

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