maandag 4 juni 2018

A Drooble review from Bulgaria!

Anyone who is a musician these days roams around the web to find opportunities, like platforms where you can share your music around. I'm no exception. Possibilities. One of the "newer', upcoming platforms is Drooble (you have to log-in though) where I have uploaded a few of my favourites. You can build up a network of listeners, give feedback to other hungry musicians. Earn Karma points. Read here for more information.
Well, as I've earned a few karma points and it came back to me with a nice album review of "Just Say kNOw": 
(and this time no Zappa reference , but Faith No More...)

Bulgarian Dutchman?

JoosTVD want you to Just Say Know to progressive funk

When you are a really competent musician who just wants to have fun, the result is JoosTVD. Just Say Know is 11 songs worth of expertly played, groovy, smooth progressive funk. The project’s style is very interesting and out there, not conforming to traditional songwriting and instrumentation.
There’s a playful mood to the record — there’s a song about one’s cat partaking in weed, for goodness’ sake! But what strikes us most is how much fun JoosTVD is having performing such tricky, jazzy, funky parts. It’s a lovely thing to observe and hear, yet JoosTVD is never comical or goofy.
Just Say Know is clearly a labor of love and that shows through the masterful songwriting, tight performance, and challenging, compelling song structures. This is a progressive project, after all, and the person behind it did one hell of a job!
If you ever wondered how Faith No More may sound if they dialed back the edginess, give Just Say Know a spin.
Horns up: Masterful instrumentation where the musicians play off each other in perfect sync.
Horns down: The vocals might need some getting used to.

Another nicely written review thanks to the Drooble team

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