donderdag 3 mei 2018

For Your Pleasure...5

Yes, here's the 5th one in the series just after the 4th. It's for you videomakers, who need a few fitting tunes to enhance their moving pictures. Potential listeners can enjoy the grooves and melodies of course...if you don't like my voice, haha. Couldn't wait for another instrumental album (only released on Jamendo folks!), just before my regular album "Just Say kNOw" comes out (sooner than I think). Really? That makes two instrumental albums en one vocal album in 2018.
No, no, no really... it's all about quality! It's just that I've been kicked around too long by these songs, begging me to let them out. Now you can play them. Need vocals on them tunes? In about week!

                                                                                                  For Your Pleasure Vol.5

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