woensdag 22 januari 2014

No, it' s not the new album...

Sin Pan Alley [Compilation 2005-2013]

Never meant to do this. Everytime I finish an album, I already work on another one. But 9 digital albums is a lot to listen to these days, so...yes, it's a sort of a favourites album I've put together for iTunes via iMusician Digital. Sure, everyone's got their own faves. It' s just a snapshot, hence the cheesy, rare picture of me (about 10 years old) laying on the couch, relaxing. A lot of songs to choose from. My Tin pan Alley.
But I won't look back!
The real new album is now in its finishing stages. Busy mixing, listening, mixing....update follows.
In the meantime why not have a "nostalgic" listen?
A request for a download anyone? Well, you can always ask me and I'll put a link up here or there...

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