donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Ok, finally finished buy a christmas tree.

It's difficult for me to stop....but I have to. I'm ready to put these babies of mine out in the open. These past few weeks I've put the final touches on the tracks, listening to the little details over and over again. It was driving me crazy! It took a year, but it was worth it as I demanded it of myself.

So- when- will- the- album- come out?
I've found a new online distribution label: RouteNote. A few months back I tested it on two older albums (Giftshot [2005] and Volumed 10 [2007]) and it worked out fine. The album wil be on Spotify (stream!) and iTunes and other online shops in about two or three weeks. I hope so....
In the meantime I will put out a promovideo on Youtube. In total I've got four songs with each an different accompanying video. I still have to sort them out, so first things first.
And of course, if you´re patient, it will be available on the free online platforums like Jamendo and Bandcamp and finally on this blog. No, you dont have to wait that long. You will be able to sing these songs under the christmas tree. Cozy...

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