maandag 16 mei 2016

"Illegal" Parachutes, grab them!

Hai there, it's been a while. Just took a break from blogging. Didn't need too. Let the music work its way out...
I've been busy...gathering links of all of those websites that  posted my album without my knowledge.

too obvious when...
4 april it landed. 5 april I googled and there already was a webrip (example) to be found on numerous websites. The source said Googleplay. Others (like those russian forums) followed quick.

Am I angry about this?

For 90% I am not. I am very flattered that someone took the time and effort to upload my songs and to share them, with the purpose to find new listeners. Great flashy designed websites to look at too.
With so much music coming out everyday, if someone spreads that unknown JoosTVD around, the more people I can reach. And every new year brings an increase of links my and your way.
Sure I do a little promotion myself with Soundcloud, Youtube and Reddit. Sharing is caring they say.

The other 10% means ther's still a need to upload someone's work (something I've worked very hard for), while we all have easy access to streaming services, like Spotify (more than 1 billion streams a week). It's still needed to grab it illegally.

This means the old music industry still fails. Who gains the most of payed albums anyway?
What do you think?

Here is all you've been waiting for. Ah, sometimes you need a login. Need a password?
Choose "easy"

A few grabs for the curious:
Link 1 
Link 2 

and so on...Google is your friend. Complaining? Nah, just saying...

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