zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Doing the dddutch ddddancing

For those who can remember those high platform soled shoes and wide open blouses (with those flowery chesthair growing out), cool fancy moves of John Travolta: just try to recall how you once moved to all of those infectious grooves. Chic? Ohio Players? Earth, Wind & Fire?
The next song also recalls a few favourite dancefloor fillers. Yes, you'll find out...but first dance.

How did I/ do you do that?

(lyrics/ music: JoosTVD)

Used to dig those disco parties
Freaking dancing on the floor
That backseat hanky panky
Sneaking out backdoors

Still get those chilling fevers
When I play back "Daddy Cool"
And all those desperate leavers
All lined up dancing fools

Now you're gonna show us why you love that dancing floor

You used to go down on it ("that's the way I liked it")
Kooling with the gang ("get down on it")
Well that's the way you liked it (aha aha)
Shake your booty now and then ("shake your body")

DD has been played on:
Croydon radio London  
Dancing Dutchman on Talentcast 

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