vrijdag 27 november 2015

Blame It On The Fun

Yes, 2016 is already on my mind, as is my new album, which will problably, predictably come out that spring. Who knows? I can't help myself. It's the time of the year. What really blows my mind now is that I'm not even aware of the looseness of the whole writing and production process. Nothing seems to get in my way. If my mind doesn't open up, nobody is trying to force me into writing songs. When it's open, it's wide open, like a parachute. It works most of the time.

Blame it on the cats....?

Not the frontcover of a JoosTVD album, or....?

Well, don't underestimate the presence of a pet. I've got those two gangsters pictured since they were very small. Great. playfull companions of mine. They make, a sometimes moody guy like me, laugh a many more times a day than without them. Aah yes the little things in life. Blame it on the fun. CU!

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