zondag 5 juli 2015

Hey, I know that song!

Hi folks, it's hot in da lowlands, but I still keep going!
Yes I am curious and as I stumbled upon those funny, glossy-styled video's I immediately recognized that voice (aargh) and the sound. Most of the songs are licensed by Jamendo. So far I've found 160 (there could be more of course) of them with a lot old, funky dutchman stuff and some do not fit at all:

Dance Till Your Drunk [2005], I Want It Back, Overdone [2005], Desertfly [2007], Making Faces [2008], Mumbo Jumbo Heebie Jeebies [2008], Wonder [2008], Violent Boy [2008], The Root of My Belly [2009], The Greek Way Garden [2010], Back To The Race [2011], Bigger Things [2011], Sugar tune [2011], Stupid Song(s) [2013], Sin Pan Alleyman [2014], Intermission Of Love [2014], Buy (Bye Bye) [2014], Slow Motion Dream [2014], Bomber Drone [2014]Have a great summer everyone!

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