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The story behind "Lighting Dutchman"

Songlist & Credits

It's been a year since I delivered "I Mimic Me". And now after an endless and addictive noodling situation in my homestudio, I'm going to tell the story behind them songs. It's always difficult to stop that creative process and give those babies away, but I'm also curious and excited- in a "what will happen with them?" mood. Not that I'm expecting too much...
This time I've chosen more songs than I had in mind, but I think they all fit the complete puzzle as It was meant to be.

Now JoosTVD,  what about touring? Mmmmmm...

Back to the homestudio: how did I do it?

1.Unscrew Yourself
The last song I wrote for this album. Unexpected. After strumming a lot of different D chords, I caught myself singing a simple melody to cheer me and you up! The build-up arrangements were a challenge, breaks and all, but then lightning struck. Now unscrew yourself.

2.Paranoiac With A Gun
Tense, nervous song, a bit like David Byrne's Psycho killer maybe. I wanted a more menacing, crazed voice. so a moment of rage I put down quickly and I think that's why it works. Notice the contrast with the more melodic and softer bridge (where I sing "but it's high....bullet in the sky"). Danceable.

3.Conspiracy In My Jacuzzi 
Hitchcock fantasy. A dangerous story! So I had to switch to narrator. the pitches in my voice were done deliberately. That paranoiac (pt.2) is everywhere, even in your own private bathroom.

4.Don't Do It Again
This song started out with a funky groove looping around and a few guitarchords, but it really caught fire when I wrote the melody on piano. I've noticed that I can create motives and melodies easier on piano than on guitar. Groovy.

5.Lost In The Underground
Pure Songwriting: knocked out guitar and melody parts all at once. Got this upand fast tempo! Which Arrangement? That latin touch was not difficult to choose. Melodies in the instrumental parts were found on piano. Joyful.

6.Rock'n Roll Me In Or Out
Fun fast write. This mirrors the paranoia of song 2 & 3. Blues turnaround outfit with country boots underneath it. I had lots of fun creating melodies. It always puts a broad smile on my face when I hear the first tones. Obvious video will follow...

7.Guru In A Lovetown
Satire on the narcistic way we use the media. One of the first songs I wrote that paved the way for some of punchier directions of this album. Dangerous guru charm!

8.Merenque Me Inside Out
Some ideas reveal their identity a couple years later. This is one of those ditties, where my voice didn't fit with the melody (not what I'd like to hear in my head), not until I found those latinesque melodies on the piano. Simply sung the title  which finished it. Seduction.

I think the first song I wrote for this album. More a vibe. I had a motive on electric piano. I used a fat wurlitzersound to get in the mood. Smooth.

Excited Dutchman

10.But Do I Miss You
Love, o my, what a serious topic... still I can't resist an old fashioned pop ballad about some lost love and I came up with one. Tried to sing with sincere vulnerability. So hard...

11.Never Get Tired
An older idea, first meant to be sung. That didn't satisfy, so I tried it the instrumental way which gave me a chance to experiment with instruments and melodies. Tireless energy.

12.Put Me To The Test
Mood: a little R&B and a smooth funky groove got me this far. A little Innercity Marvin Blues...

13.When The Chili Hits The Fan
Purpose of the song: hot (chili) humor counterbalances the heavy stuff. Just for the fun. After diner.

14.Your Hard-To-Get Got Up And Went
James Brown spoof? That chant ("hard to get"), the slow down effect on horns and funny noises did the trick. Funk me.

15.Shoeshine Boy
Rockish (classic?) ballad. And yes it's personal. Took a looooong time to get that final touch. Even played the solo slide guitar (haha). Even that is personal and not technical. Strength.

16.On A Good Day
Both relaxing and groovy song. Melodies written on the piano.

17.Live It Up For Me
My spanish guitar always brings out a certain latin charm that was the basis for this song. I found some melodic twists and turns (bridge), satisfying enough to be chosen for this abum.

18.For A Lifetime In A Daydream
Dreamy, melancholic popballad written and played in one take on piano.

Well, if you have made it this far, you can relax/ scream/ laugh/ cry/ take a leak. Fill me in!
Thanks for listening. Spread 'em folks!

Happy Dutchman

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