zondag 8 maart 2015

Unscrew Yourself, video promo "Lightning Dutchman"

Yes! As I write this, the new album is in the distribution process and when approved it will arrive in a few (2 to 4) weeks. Spotify, Deezer and iTunes will be the first streamlinks, the rest will follow. Fingers & legs crossed.
Now get ready for the first promo video, especially if you've got the blues. I've got that sometimes. You'll see what I do in that case in the clip. Guess we all feel screwed up sometimes, so what if I add a "positive" Un on it so we say: Unscrew Yourself? That's it, Say it! Get involved. It's the first song you'll hear when you put on that Lightning Dutchman [2015] album. So enjoy, hope you like...

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