vrijdag 16 januari 2015

2015: what am I here for and what can you do?

Hey, it's 2015 and here we are again: I'm in the last stages of a new TVD album. Slowly, but with the unavoidable bursts of energy (electricity!) and all the practising experiences I've endured, it is all working out smoothly.

Electric Dutchman
One thing I can't do, is to force this music and...the words.. Got one lyric about a past lovestory I can't finish. Yes, she broke my heart. Damn. But I got over it or did I(?), so the obvious, but paradoxal title "But Do I Miss You" came up. The answer? Two ways: I don't miss you at all, I miss you so bad. Dilemma. Well, that became the refrain. But for the rest it's... guess It's all about the right combination of words that have to gel together and for now they are just too cheesy! In the past I used my personal experiences as lyrics, but I try to make them less navelstaring and more "universal". That's where my goal lays here. Love and cheese, aaargh. Bold love then?
What can you do? (Throw money!) Maybe you can send me some alternative words that can give this story a litle more edge.
Really love to experiment with the homestudio though. It's just an addition to the finishing touch, like a simple palette, but with a wide range of colours to choose from if you mix them.

In the following months you can expect a few more posts, updates, so stand by me. BTW, what time is it?
Have a nice day, night or evening folks!

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