donderdag 24 april 2014

Now what?

Take a holiday?
Yes that would be nice, but what do you do when an album is finished?
Walking Dutchman
Well, all birds that can, fly away. Babies grow up and leave you ultimately.
Songs? They will float in digital space and I'm content with that. After a year of explosive and enthousiastic writing, playing, recording, singing, mixing and videomaking, there's always that difficult phase/ moment I'm going through of letting them go. When I'm fed up listening maybe...haha.

A lot has happened since my last album came out though, like more radio airplay, reviews and reaching a few new listeners. All because of the way the digital world works these days. Happy now?
Well yes, but it's like a beautiful feelgood movie that has ended and you just don't want it to end.

So what mostly works for me when I cannot touch the old songs anymore and at the same time to create a little distance with them, is the "go ahead, write some new tunes" attitude. And so the whole proces begins again. Don't know where it ends though, but do I really want to know? It only makes you uncertain of what will happen (writer's block!?) and it can spoil the surprise of finding fresh melodies. And they always come unexpectedly! I'm already busy with capturing the right words to 2 songs I've completely recorded and arranged instrumentally. One has got fast-paced latin feel and the other has got a funky groove with a jazzy, romantic melody. Just what I needed!

Next to all this soulsearching and songcatching inspiration, I'll be working on a video that will support "Velvet Shoes", my tribute to the late Louie Reed.
Before I became this addicted musician, I already did something with my creativity, something my parents used to demonstrate to me when I was a greenish little kid. I became especially fascinated with the technique of drawing faces.
As you already can see, these are a few portrets that I will use in comic-style, but there are a lot details that I still have to work on. Although I'm just another Youtube amateur, I' m very excited about it, so that will also keep me busy for a while.

Now what? Just that!

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