dinsdag 15 april 2014

Croydon radio updates

Hai there,
It's always a pleasure to know that what you do is appreciated. There's a lot talent out there and I'm not here to win a contest, just wanna create songs! And I'm already busy with a few that will definately become future hits. Not in my lifetime, no.

I let my music spread as far and as wide as possible, but I guess it's just a raindrop that's reaching a few listeners, but what the heck...

Nice to be played on the radio though! Song?
Cowboy On The Moon

Info (a lot of footbal talking):
In The Den (UK Croydon radio)

Update (12-09-2014): 

Playlisted and frequently played: Different Kind Of Cool

7th on the plays alltime charts Croydon radio, at least in Croydon right now! Thanks!

Last.fm charts 547 times played

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