zaterdag 2 november 2013

Work in progress, butta, heey, I'm not a Paddy McAloon..

Yes, I've been piling them up. Songs keep flowing in and out of my brains. Grooves and melodies. I'm not the only one of course. Don't want to compare myself with someone I look up to. Next to Jimmy Webb, Burt Bacharach and John Lennon there is Paddy-Prefab Sprout- McAloon, one of the last great songwriters, who I really admire, who has finally come back with a great new record "Crimson/ Red". Now for those, who've missed the best part of the often called notorious eighties music, listen to some REAL songs here: Prefab on Spotify. He has been piling up stuff for years, but as is common knowledge with all the geniuses, he's such a perfectionist, I don't even come close.....
Glad you're back Paddy!

So here's something I don't do often. Sharing some of the things I've been working on while not finished. Or is it? Knowing that it's not original,  I'd like to step away from the safe tradition that I only want to share my babies, when they are ready to step into the world of streaming pleasure.
This is my addiction to grooves and this funky tune came very quick. It's really about the intensity, I try to capture here. Banging away again on different instruments (piano, organ, bass, guitars), searching for patterns that fit together. Although I started out as a drummer (with an unbeatable Stewart Copeland fixation) and although I can play a saucy groove, I miss the finesses I hear in my head, to play fluent, fitting parts on these songs myself. So I use real, organic drumpatterns and alter, combine them as if  I play them myself. Here's an example of such a groove, but keep in mind: it's not finished yet, maybe I'll decide to throw it away in a moment of fustration, grab it while it's hot.
Bare with me, to be or not to be consumed.

Listen Buy (Bye Bye) [demo] a song about the consumer & the customer

  Thanks for listening, feedback is always welcome.

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