maandag 25 november 2013

JOOSTVD – Stupid Song(s) on Tom Robinson' s Introducing Mixtape!

A year after "Bomb Won' t Go Off" got airplay on BBC, "Stupid Song(s)" has been chosen by BBC6 DJ Tom Robinson (2-4-6-8 Motorway, War baby, Listen To The Radio). Grateful for this. A little british recognition is always good for a dutch soul!

Freshnet Mixtape info
JOOSTVD – Stupid Song(s) [Starts: 36:33]
The last tune we heard from JoosTVD on the Introducing Mixtape was Bomb Won´t Go Off in November 2012. His hard-to-pronounce artist name makes more sense once you realise it stands for Joost The Vanished Dutchman. “Maybe” he confides “it’ s best pronounced like this: Juiced?” Inspired by the likes of Zappa, Todd Rundgren, Miles Davis, Steve Winwood, John Martyn and many others, Joost Van Dinther (JOOSTVD, geddit?) started out as a drummer before turning his hand to writing. This perhaps explains the unerring feel for a killer groove which – together with a well-developed sense of fun – it the trademark of his work. Although most of the recordings are played and produced by Joost on his own, he loves to play live with a band and “give it all” on stage. His latest album, The Ballooning Brouhaha was released in June 2013 and he’s already busy with a followup bunch of tunes coming up in 2014 with distribution by Routenote.

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