woensdag 19 juni 2013

Don't Mind The German Blues

Well, I had a lot of ear pleasing fun yesterday evening. It was melting hot, but that didn't bother me at all. I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for that airplay Nathan had promised me.
Nathan Norgel (Bluespfaffe) is a german journalist who in 2010 discovered JoosTVD on Jamendo and gave such a rave review of my album "The Vanished Dutchman", that I had to read it over and over again to believe it was for real. Ok, my german knowledge is not as high-standard to understand it all, but that was because his use of words were not standard. Here's a journalist at work and I guess he must know his trade and that pleased me even more. Since then, he has reviewed every single album I've thrown on www for his cultural internet magazine Wasser-Prada. His favourite music genre is- I guess Blues- but with a lot of different styles (soul, funk, rock, R&B) dipping in the mix.

The last few weeks, I was eagerly waiting for his approval of my latest effort (Brouhaha), till.....yesterday that snowbal of verbal pleasure caught my hungry eyes. Facebook has the advantage of keeping you updated with the news and to chat while reading. So I got a message from Germany. Next to his writing, on tuesday evening Nathan shows his love for the blues on the radio called 98Eins and next to some famous souls, supports a few unknown talents too. Old fashioned radio on the web. Yeah, the intimate, rootsy sound fitted well with the clammy evening. Some sweaty, dirty delta blues stuff cracking through my speakers. Well and Nathan can talk! Told much about the music in between the songs. He even took the time to chat with me all the way through the program. And then my moment came, introduction. Two, the more rootsy songs, were chosen: first "Big Bad Boy" and at the end of the show, just after Beth Hart & Bonamassa(!), who did an inspired version of Strange Fruit, my version of the blues "Don't Mind The Blues". Such a tough act to follow, but I didn't mind the blues! Took it as a compliment. And with a few friends and family gathered together (chatting), well what more does a dutchman needs?
Ok, ok, settle down, life goes on. I've got a few more songs in the can. Maybe I'll try to do a german version of JoosTVD: der Verschwundenen Dutchman. Freunde, bis zum nächsten mal!
Maaaannn, it's hot today...relax

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