maandag 18 maart 2013

Collected & Hidden Stuff on New Myspace

Here go the fingers again, typing, my head thinking how to begin. Well, here's a patronising starter: hope you all seize the day once in a while.
Well, "we"as in musicians, all used to have a page on MySpace. It became old hat, when other, more flexible platforms stepped in. In the end, I think they are all useful as tools and I'm grateful that I can use them to spread a few tunes. And god, I've been spreading! Like a faithfull catholic, except for the multiplying part- I've got two kids already- I've been creating like a rabbit. A lot will not see the digital www, but now I've finally decided to pick a few loony tunes, combine them with some favourites of the period between 2000-2012.
I've been recording since 1980 with the help of an old tape recorder. As time went by, technology kept me on my toes (Midi and all that stuff), so I could finally record my own digital albums, the first effort, burned on cd in 1998.
This year I'll bother you again with some new songs, I've got more than a few in the pipeline already!
Meanwhile, I hope you'll enjoy the "new space"......

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